20,000 bags for vegetables processing can only be processed using a vegetable processing line. The output of our leafy vegetable washing machine line can reach the production of several tons of vegetables, which can meet the demand of this output.

Vegetable processing is a relatively hot business in contemporary times. With the fast-paced life of people, processed vegetables are in line with the consumption needs of contemporary people. Vegetable processing line includes vegetable washing, cutting and packaging, which is the simplest vegetable processing. However, the 20,000 bags for vegetables processing is a relatively arduous task. If labor is required, it will cost a lot of labor and time, so choosing a vegetable processing line is the best choice. It is simple and improves production efficiency, and can process a variety of vegetables.

What are the most commonly used vegetable in processing?

The vegetables most commonly used in vegetable processing fall into two broad categories, leafy vegetables and root vegetables. Leafy vegetables are often: cabbage, cabbage, lettuce, rape and so on. The most processed root vegetables are: potatoes, radishes, sweet potatoes, cassava, yams, ginger, beets and so on.

Introduction of vegetable processing line

For the above, the two types of vegetables are processed in slightly different ways. They use two different vegetable processing line. Leafy vegetables use a leafy vegetable washing line, and root vegetables commonly use a root vegetable cleaning, peeling, and cutting line.

The leafy green processing line comprises a selection belt, a leafy vegetable washing apparatus, a drying system, a vegetable packaging machine, and various mechanical elements. The selection belt is employed for manually inspecting and discarding any damaged or unwanted leaves. Using a conveyor belt, the selected vegetables are automatically transported to the leafy vegetable washing machine. Here, the vegetables undergo a thorough cleaning process as they roll through bubbles, getting rid of pesticides, dirt, and other impurities. The air dryer then eliminates surface moisture, preparing the vegetables for the packaging machine, which accurately measures and packs the vegetables based on desired weight.

The root vegetable washing line includes: brush cleaning machine, vegetable cutting machine, vegetable packaging machine. The vegetable brush cleaning machine can clean and peel root vegetables at the same time, or only clean without peeling. The brush can be customized according to the processing needs. Different brushes have different effects on the materials processed. . The vegetable cutting machine can also be customized according to the different shapes of the cut vegetables, which can be diced, diced, shredded, sliced and so on. Vegetable packaging machines include vacuum packaging machines or weighing packaging machines.

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