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♦Introduction Of Garlic Peeling Production Line

This garlic peeling production line includes garlic clove breaking machine, garlic peeling machine, garlic washing machine, garlic drying machine and garlic packaging machine. Whole garlic bulbs can be processed into garlic cloves. The peeling rate of the garlic peeling machine in this garlic processing lines can reach more than 95%, the peeling is clean, and the efficiency is high. It is an indispensable garlic processing equipment for garlic processing plant near me. We have also been selected by many customers for providing solutions, which are suitable for the development of new and old businesses of various garlic processing.

♦Garlic Peeling Production Line Advantages

High Degree Of Automation

This garlic peeling line has a high degree of automation, and it can be equipped with auxiliary machinery such as elevators in front. It only needs to pour garlic into the processing line for automatic production, and a few people can complete the processing of garlic.

Stainless Steel Material, Strong And Durable

This garlic peeling machine project is made of stainless steel, which has a long service life and is durable. Using superb welding technology, the welding is smooth and even, suitable for indoor or outdoor work, without worrying about the problem of corrosion.

Output Can Be Customized

The processing output of the garlic processing lines can be customized according to the demand output. The minimum output is 300 kg per hour, and the maximum output can reach 3000 kg per hour.

Provide A Complete Solution

We have been specializing in R&D and manufacturing of garlic processing equipment for many years. We have mature technology and customer cooperation cases. We provide customers with complete garlic solutions and help them succeed in their garlic business.

♦ Garlic Processing Lines Steps

1. Separate the garlic cloves

garlic peeling process

2. Peel the separated garlic

garlic washing process

3. Wash the peeled garlic to remove dirt and impurities

garlic drying process

4. Air Dry The Washed Garlic

5. Pack the dried garlic

♦Main Product Introduction

Garlic Separating Machine

This garlic splitting machine is made of stainless steel, small in size, easy to move and use. The garlic skin can be quickly divided into petals without damage to the surface of the garlic, and different yields can be customized. It can be used as a single machine or with a production line.

Garlic Peeling Machine

The peeling efficiency of the garlic peeling machine can reach more than 95%, which is an indispensable equipment in the garlic peeling production line. The gas principle is used to peel the garlic, and the peeled garlic will not be damaged. The output can also be customized according to demand.

Garlic Washing Machine

The role of the garlic cleaning machine in this production line is to remove the individual garlic skin and dust and other impurities on the surface of the peeled garlic. The flavor and color of washed garlic will not change.

Garlic Packing Machine

Garlic packaging machinery adopts weighing packaging or garlic vacuum packaging. Can be customized according to processing needs, we have different specifications and different types of garlic packaging machines. The packaging machine has a high degree of intelligence and can realize the effect of automatic weighing.

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