Industrial Ginger Washer Washing Machine For Sale

Realize the integration of cleaning and peeling; small size, easy to move; low energy consumption, can be customized.


Introduction Of Ginger Washing And Peeling Machine

Ginger washing and peeling machine also known as roller brush washing machine, can peel and remove sediment and hair, etc.The ginger washing and peeling machine is suitable for the separation of carrots, potatoes and other root vegetables and spherical fruits, as well as seafood and shellfish materials. Pick and clean.The ginger washing machine adopts food-grade brush for conveying and cleaning, using rotating brush with high-pressure spray, the cleaning effect is good, and it can thoroughly clean the stains on the surface of fruits and vegetables. The output of this machine and the types of brushes can be customized according to the needs of users.

Features Of Ginger Washing Machine

1.The ginger washing and peeling machine is made of stainless steel, which is bright and beautiful and easy to clean.

2.The ginger washing and peeling machine has the characteristics of low energy consumption, small size, and convenient movement

3.Large cleaning and peeling volume, high efficiency, and continuous cleaning.

4.The peeling is made of hardened materials, both of which are durable and have good wear resistance.

5.The structure of this ginger washing and peeling machine is reasonably set up, and the material can be discharged automatically.


Advantages Of Ginger Washing And Peeling Machine

1.The ginger washing and peeling machine is easy to operate. Workers only need to feed and press the start button to put the equipment into operation.

2.The ginger cleaning and peeling machine adopts high-quality brush material, which has a long service life and strong corrosion resistance.

3.The ginger washing and peeling machine is cleaned, using a combination of brush and spray to make the cleaning more clean.

4.The ginger washer for sale can save water and resource costs.

5.The ginger washing machine can be customized according to the output and can provide instructions for use.


The Working Principle Of Ginger Cleaning And Peeling Machine

The ginger washing and peeling machine is mainly composed of a motor, a transmission, a set of hair sticks, etc., and adopts the principle of brush friction. Place root vegetables or ball fruits on several rollable brush rollers in a U-shaped hopper to make the material contact with the rotating brush roller to cause surface friction, and clean water is sprayed from the spray pipe to rinse the material. So as to achieve the purpose of washing and peeling.

Ginger Washing And Peeling Machine Parameters

Ginger Washing And Peeling Machine

model Net length of wool roller Length of hair roller Diameter of hair roller Motor Power Spiral power Dimensions(MM)
GG-SX800A 945 800 120 1.1 / 1500×850×900
GG-SX1000A 1145 1000 120 1.1 / 1700×850×900
GG-SX1200A 1345 1200 120 1.5 / 1900×850×900
GG-SX1500A 1645 1500 120 2.2 / 2200×850×900
GG-SX2000C 2145 2000 120 3 0.37 2700×850×1500
GG-SX2600C 2745 2600 120 4 0.37 3300×850×1500

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