Industrial Potato Washing Machine Sweet Potato Processing Equipment

Can be cleaned and peeled at the same time; stainless steel material, long service life; small size, easy to move.


Introduction Of Potato Washing Machine

The potato washing machine is a brush-style machine specially designed for root vegetables. It solves the problem that a large amount of soil is difficult to clean. The brush and spray design can remove the soil on the surface of the potatoes without hurting the surface of the potatoes. If you want to peel potatoes, you can change the brush to emery material.The industrial potato washing machine is an indispensable equipment for potato processing and french fries and potato chips processing.

Features Of Industrial Potato Washing Machine

1. Made of 304 stainless steel, it has a long service life, can work outdoors, and is not easy to rust.

2. The top is equipped with a water spray system, which can remove waste in time and has high efficiency

3. The potato washing machine is easy to operate and maintain, and only one person can complete the operation.

4. The use of a perforated pipe discharge system with a discharge valve can realize mass production.

5. This industrial potato washing machine can determine the cleaning time according to the processing requirements of potatoes.

potato washing machine

Advantages of Sweet Potato Washing Machine

1. There is a visible window cover on the top of the potato washing machine price, which is convenient for observing the cleaning status of potatoes.
2. The effect of the finished product is good, which can ensure that the material is not wasted to the greatest extent.
3. Saving resources: no water resources will be wasted, and a large amount of unnecessary water can be purified.
4. Wide range of applications: the potato washing machine can wash sweet potatoes, yams, taro, cassava, lotus root, radish and other root vegetables. It can be used in canteens, central kitchens, vegetable processing plants and other occasions.

5. Simple operation: After the industrial potato washing machine is powered on, you only need to press the switch to work, and it is easy to disassemble and maintain.

Working Principle Of Sweet Potato Washing Equipment

Industrial potato washing machine, also called wool roller cleaning machine, is based on the characteristics of root vegetables, puts potatoes into the stainless steel tank, and then the motor drives the brush to run and rub the surface of the potatoes to remove the dust and impurities on the surface of the potatoes. If you are peeling potatoes, you can replace the emery hair roller.

There is a waste trough under the machine, which can collect waste, and there is also enough artificial clear space. And the waste material and waste water can be separated, the waste residue above the filter screen is easily scraped away, and the waste water is automatically discharged under the filter screen.


Potato Washing Machine Parameters

Potato Washing Machine
model Net length of wool roller Length of hair roller Diameter of hair roller Motor Power Spiral power Dimensions(MM)
GG-SX800A 945 800 120 1.1 / 1500×850×900
GG-SX1000A 1145 1000 120 1.1 / 1700×850×900
GG-SX1200A 1345 1200 120 1.5 / 1900×850×900
GG-SX1500A 1645 1500 120 2.2 / 2200×850×900
GG-SX2000C 2145 2000 120 3 0.37 2700×850×1500
GG-SX2600C 2745 2600 120 4 0.37 3300×850×1500


Potato cleaning is a necessary step in the processing of French fries, potato chips, mashed potatoes and other products. That is, the time for potato processing can be reduced, and the waste of manpower can be reduced. If you want to know the price, you can leave a message directly, or contact us online.


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