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Industrial vegetable washer machine is an automated equipment used for cleaning vegetables. It is commonly used in the food processing industry to wash large quantities of vegetables to remove dirt, mud, insects and other impurities.

The working principle of the industrial fruit and vegetable washer is to immerse vegetables in water and then use nozzles or other equipment to spray water to clean the vegetables. Some industrial vegetable washers also use chemicals to help remove dirt and impurities.

There are many types of industrial vegetable processing machine, and you can choose based on the type and size of vegetables and the amount of dirt that needs to be removed. Common types of industrial vegetable washer machines include:

Drum Washer: This type of washer places the vegetables in a drum, which then rotates and immerses the vegetables in water. Generally, root vegetables are processed, including carrots, potatoes, etc., which are the best choice for food processors.


Spray Washer: This type of washer uses nozzles to spray water to clean vegetables. Under high pressure, the soil on the surface of vegetables is washed away. It is suitable for leafy vegetables and root vegetables, such as leeks, ginger, etc.


Bubble cleaning machine: Bubble tumbling cleans vegetables without damaging the surface of the vegetables. Suitable for cleaning various vegetables, fruits and seafood.


Advantages of fruit and vegetable washer

  • High cleaning efficiency: Industrial vegetable cleaning machines can clean large quantities of vegetables quickly and effectively.
  • Good cleaning effect: can effectively remove dirt, impurities and bacteria on vegetables
  • Mechanical automation: Industrial vegetable cleaning machines are often automated, which reduces the risk of manual error.
  • Safe to use: Generally designed to be used safely and comply with regulations regarding food safety.

Whether you are starting a new business, expanding production or upgrading equipment, we can customize your specific vegetable processing solution. You can contact us at any time, we are always at your service.

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