Fresh-Cut Vegetable Salad Processing Plant With Vegetable Washing Cutting Line


Introduction Of Fresh Cut Processing Line

The fresh cut salad processing line is very necessary for the salad processing plant. It can replace the manual cutting, cleaning, air-drying and packaging of vegetables. The production time and labor cost of fresh-cut vegetable processing are greatly reduced, and the production efficiency of salad processing is improved. We are a manufacturer of salad processing line. We can provide customized solutions for salad processing. If you want to start a new salad processing business, choose us and make your business successful.

Salad Processing Line Production Process:

Picking→Cutting→Washing→Air Drying→Packing

1. Picking: Put the vegetables into the picking belt to pick, and pick out the damaged vegetables to prevent the rotten leaves of the vegetables from affecting the taste of the post-processing.
2. Cutting: The vegetables are cut according to the required cutting size of the vegetable salad. The cutting speed of the vegetable cutting machine is very fast, and the blades are sharp and wear-resistant, which can be customized according to the processing output.
3. Washing: Put the cut vegetables into the vegetable washing machine. The vegetable washing machine uses a combination of bubble and eddy current cleaning to rub the vegetables and remove the sediment and small flying insects on the surface of the vegetables.
4.Air Drying: The washed vegetables are drained and air-dried. Now, shake the water on the surface of the vegetables to shake off the water, and then put them into the vegetable shaker to shake the vegetables.
5. Packaging: The air-dried vegetables are weighed and packaged, and the weight of the package can be set according to needs.

Fresh Cut Vegetable Processing Line Application Range:

A variety of fruits and vegetables can be processed, including: lettuce, cabbage, spinach, green onions, carrots, potatoes, celery, rapeseed, olives, broccoli, coriander, mushrooms, etc.

fresh cut processing line

Advantages Of Salad Processing Machine

1.Stainless Steel Material, Long Service Life

The fresh cut salad processing line is made of stainless steel, with a bright and bright appearance. It is processed with food-grade materials, which does not pollute the vegetables. The processed vegetables can be eaten directly. The mechanical corrosion resistance is strong, you can work outdoors without worrying about it, and you can directly clean the machinery with water.

2.Provide Customized Salad Processing Solutions

We customize fresh-cut vegetable processing solutions based on customer needs, customers only need to put forward the output they want to process and the finished products they want to process. If starting a new salad processing line business, we can provide a series of services from plant design to equipment installation and use.

salad process machine

3.Has The Function Of Sterilization And Disinfection

The cleaning part of the fresh cut processing line adopts a combination of bubble cleaning and eddy current cleaning, which can wash away impurities such as soil, hair, and insect eggs on the surface of vegetables. It can also play the role of sterilization and disinfection, which can prolong the fresh-keeping period of vegetables and facilitate the post-processing of vegetables.

salad processing plant

4.Can Improve The Efficiency Of Salad Processing

Compared with manual production, the production efficiency of this salad processing line is greatly improved, reaching thousands of kilograms per hour, even thousands of kilograms. It is essential equipment for vegetable processing plants. When the machine is working, the speed is fast and the efficiency is high, which can realize continuous production and save production time.



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