Commercial Cassava Washing And Peeling Machine Price

1. Output: 200-3000 kg/hour
2. Length of hair roller: 800-2600mm
3. Voltage: 380v
4. Whether it can be customized: yes
5.304 stainless steel material


Introduction Of Cassava Peeling Machine Price

The cassava washing and peeling machine are designed according to the difficulty of peeling cassava, which can achieve the effect of cleaning and peeling cassava simultaneously. Compared with the manual peeling method, the cassava peeling machine can reduce the loss of raw materials during cassava processing and increase the output rate. The peeled cassava is clean and hygienic and can be processed into cassava starch, cassava flour, and cassava garri, with an output of 200-300 kg per hour, which can be customized according to processing needs.

Features Of Cassava Washing And Peeling Machine

1. Automatic spray cleaning. During the rotation of the cassava peeling machine, the spray pipe needs to be connected to tap water to assist the peeling and cleaning work.

2. The material is automatically rotated and discharged. After the peeling and cleaning work is completed, the baffle of the discharge port is opened to realize automatic rolling discharge.

3. The brush roller has good wear resistance. The brush roller material is treated with special technology, and the hard bristles are peeled and the soft bristles are cleaned. It is durable and has good wear resistance.

4. The cassava washing and peeling machine is widely used and has powerful functions, which can realize the removal of impurities and peeling of root vegetables, as well as the deep processing of medicinal materials, etc.


Advantages Of Cassava Washing Machine

1. The shell of the whole cassava peeling machine price is made of stainless steel, which has a long service life and is easy to maintain. It can be directly used outdoors and prevent the erosion of rainwater.

2. The cassava peeling machine can realize quantitative production, batch production, or continuous production with the production line.

3. Smooth operation, simple operation, fault visualization, and easy maintenance.

4. The mechanical energy consumption is small and the output is large, and different numbers of roller brushes can be customized according to the processing needs.

Purpose Of The Cassava Washing And Peeling Machine

1. Cleaning (peeling) round and oval fruits and vegetables. Such as ginger, radish, taro, potatoes, sweet potatoes, lotus root and other root vegetables.

2. Seafood cleaning and mud removal. For example, Haihong, Hailizi, Snail, Conch, Shell, etc.;

3. Cleaning and peeling of medicinal materials. For example, Codonopsis, Tuckahoe, etc.

Working Principle Of Cassava Peeling Machine

A hair roller cleaning machine is also called a hair roller brush cleaning machine, hair roller spray cleaning machine, and peeling cleaning machine. According to the length of the hair roller, the machine can be divided into 600 types, 800 types, 1000 types, 1200 types, 1500 types and 1800 types. type, 2000 type, etc. The working principle of a cassava peeling machine is to use the rotation of the wool roller and the mutual friction between the materials to remove the soil and impurities attached to the object to be cleaned. Using the wool roller with a harder wool roller can directly remove the potatoes, taro, and other materials that need to be peeled. Carry out peeling, and use the spray-type water jet impact cleaning to remove impurities.

Working Parameters Of Cassava Washing Machine

Model Power Dimension Weight Capacity Roller length
GG-SX800 1.1kw/380v 1600*850*800mm 220kg 400kg/h 800 mm
GG-SX1000 1.5kw/380v 1800*850*800mm 260kg 600kg/h 1000 mm
GG-SX1200 1.5kw/380v 2000*850*800mm 280kg 800kg/h 1200 mm
GG-SX1500 2.2kw/380v 2300*850*800mm 320kg 1000kg/h 1500 mm
GG-SX2000 3kw/380v 2800*850*800mm 420kg 1500kg/h 2000 mm
GG-SX2600 4.75kw/380v 3300*850*1450mm 600kg 2000kg/h 2600 mm

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