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Factory Customization Dates Processing Line With Washing Drying Sorting Machine

♦Introduction Of Dates Processing Line

Dates processing line includes date palm cleaning machine,date air dryer and sorting machine, which can remove dust, bacteria and other harmful substances on the surface of dates. After cleaning, the date can restore its original luster, and the state of the date itself will not be affected, and the original smell and color will still be maintained. This production line can customize the output according to the processing needs, and it is the necessary equipment for dates processing plant.

♦Dates Processing Line Advantages

High Production Efficiency

The production efficiency of dates processing machine is very high, which is equivalent to dozens of times that of human processing, which can reduce the waste of labor and time costs, and is suitable for the development of various large, medium and small date palm processing businesses.

The Material Is Strong And Durable

The whole dates processing line is made of stainless steel, which is durable and has strong corrosion resistance. It is suitable for working indoors or outdoors, without worrying about rain erosion, and is convenient for use and storage.

Provide Customized Solutions

We provide date processing solutions. Customers only need to put forward their own production needs. We will provide solutions according to customers’ processing needs, and provide a series of services from factory design to equipment use.

Equipment Safety And Hygiene

Our date processing equipments are all made of food-grade materials, so there is no need to worry about the pollution of the dates. The dates after cleaning can be eaten directly.

♦Dates Processing Line Steps

1. Lifting Dates into Bubble Washer

2. Bubble washing and decontamination of dates

3. Bacteria and impurities in the date palm folds are removed again.

4. Moisture removal from date palm surfaces

5. Sorting dates by size

♦Main Product Introduction

dates washing msachine

Dates Washing Machine

The dates washing machine plays the role of removing impurities and decontamination, and can also be added with a disinfection generating device to sterilize and disinfect dates. It is an indispensable machine in the date palm processing line.


Brush Dates Cleaning Machine

This date cleaning machine is designed with a soft brush, and it is a machine designed according to the characteristics that the surface of the date palm is easy to hide dirt and has many folds. It is suitable for cleaning a variety of root vegetables and fruits without damaging the surface of the material.

Date Sorting Machine

This dates sorting machine is graded according to the size of date palms, and different sizes are screened, and the machine can be adjusted according to the size of dates.

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