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♦Introduction of Onion Processing Line

This onion peeling processing line includes onion root cutting machine, onion peeling machine, onion cutting machine and onion packing machine. Regardless of the variety and size of the onion, it can be processed. The processed onions can be further fried and processed, or sold directly, which further increases the added value of onions and thus obtains higher profits. We can provide complete equipment for onion processing lines as well as customized processing solutions to help your onion processing business succeed.

♦Onion Peeling Line Advantage

Less Waste, High Peeling Rate

The onion processing line realizes assembly line operation, and the cutting rate of the onion root cutter is small, which can ensure that the raw materials are not lost to the greatest extent. And the peeling rate is high, the peeling rate can reach about 95%, which is an ideal equipment for onion processors.

Reduce Labor And Improve Efficiency

The production line is automatically completed from the onion root cutting machine to the onion packaging, which greatly improves the production efficiency, realizes continuous production, and reduces the waste of labor costs.

Free Adjustment, Customized Output

The size of the cut onion can be adjusted freely. The output of this onion peeling line can reach 600-800KG per hour, and the output of 1 ton or more is also available. It is an economical, practical, efficient and environmentally friendly onion processing equipment.

High Quality, Good Processing Effect

The whole onion packing line is made of stainless steel, of high quality, easy to use, clean and maintain, and can be adjusted freely according to the size of the onion. The cut onion is smooth and smooth, replacing a lot of labor.

♦ Onion Peeling Cutting Packing Production Process

1. Remove the root of the onion

2. Remove the outer skin of the onion

3. Slice or dice the onion

4. Pack the cut onions

♦Main Product Introduction


Onion Root Cutting Machine

The onion root cutting machine transports the heads and roots at both ends to the cutting device through a stainless steel mesh belt, and then transports them to the next process through the conveyor belt after cutting. The size of the cut roots can be adjusted freely. , The cut finished onion crossing is neat and undamaged, replacing a lot of labor to increase work efficiency.

Onion Peeling Machine

The onion peeling machine adopts the pneumatic principle, and the gas peeling is used in the peeling process, without the blade and hardness friction, fully automatic digital control, the onion after peeling does not have any damage. The peeled onion is smooth without damage and without pollution. This equipment has the characteristics of practicality, high energy-saving production efficiency, low failure rate, easy maintenance and cleaning, etc.


Onion Slicer Machine

The onion slicing machine adopts a push-down slicing machine, which can cut onions into onion rings, evenly sliced, and smooth slices. And the upper end of the machine has feeding ports of multiple sizes, which can be customized according to different sizes of onions, and can also shape the shape of onion slices.

Onion Packing Machine

The onion packing machine is a multifunctional bag-feeding packaging machine. This machine has a high degree of intelligence and can be set according to the number of grams of packaging. The precision is relatively high, and it is convenient for cleaning and maintenance. Intelligent control switch, only one person can complete the operation, food-grade material, safe and hygienic, you can use it with confidence.


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