Multifunction Onion Slicer Cutting Machine For Onion Rings


Description Of Onion Slicing Machine

The onion slicer machine is made of stainless steel and has the characteristics of multi-function and high efficiency. It is used for slicing a variety of fruits and vegetables. In the slicing process, the slicing effect is good, and the thickness of the slicing is uniform, which meets the processing needs of export products. It is a new type of ideal equipment for food export processing enterprises, freezing enterprises, pickling enterprises, supermarkets and hotels, etc. It completely replaces the hard and tiring manual work.

Features Of Onion Slicing Machine

1. The onion slicer machine is made of stainless steel, waterproof and corrosion-resistant, durable.
2. The waterproof switch button is adopted, and the safety measures are relatively in place.
3. The upper cover has a variety of calibers, which can be customized according to the processing requirements.
4. Silent universal wheels, prevent moving noise, and move conveniently and quickly.
5. The blade has high strength and strong corrosion resistance.


Advantages Of Onion Cutting Machine

1. The material to be cut can be oriented, and can be cut horizontally, longitudinally or obliquely.
2. The thickness of the onion slices is uniform, and the cut surface is smooth.
3. Slicing has high efficiency and low energy consumption.
4. Suitable for slicing a variety of fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, sweet potatoes, potatoes, cassava, yams, apples, pears, lemons, lotus roots, etc.
5. Output can be customized according to processing needs.

Onion Slicer Machine Operating Instructions

1. Connect the power cord of the onion slicer to the required knife switch, and check whether the power cord is damaged.
2. Press the start switch to see that the direction of the material tray is clockwise. If it is counterclockwise, just swap any two power cords.
3. When the machine turns clockwise, start the machine and adjust the slice thickness with a small amount of material first.
4. After use, wipe off the waste residue and dirt with a damp cloth, and apply a layer of cooking oil on the knife for easy maintenance.

Onion Slicer Parameters

Model GG-CP1
Dimension 800*600*1000mm
Power 0.75kw
Capacity 300-500kg/h
Cutting size 0-5mm adjustable
weight 80kg
Feeding height 900mm
Discharge height 250mm

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