Factory Customized Carrot Washing Cleaner Machine Price

Roller can be added, easy to discharge; stainless material, long service life; can be customized according to output.


Introduction Of Carrot Washing Machine

The automatic carrot washing machine price is a brush-type cleaning machine. This machine is designed according to the characteristics that carrots are easy to hide dirt. It not only cleans the carrots but also polishes them, making the cleaned carrots bright and bright, and can be eaten directly. This carrot washer is suitable for cleaning various radishes and root vegetables. It is an equipment that can be used in carrot processing plants, carrot sellers, large restaurants and other occasions.


Features Of Carrot Cleaner

1. Made of stainless steel, long service life, and strong corrosion resistance.

2. The running speed of the carrot washing machine price is adjustable, and the conveying speed can be set according to the production needs.

3. The high degree of automation, saving labor and improves production efficiency.

4. Clean, multi-directional, and multi-angle cleaning under the dual action of bubbles and spray.

5. Convenient water change, large drain valve, easy to discharge, clean, and maintain.


Advantages Of Carrot Washing Machine

1. The carrot washing machine price can clean a variety of root vegetables, spherical fruits, and oval fruits.

2. This machine adopts an imported nylon brush, which has a low damage rate and is relatively wear-resistant.

3. The parts and components of this carrot brush washing machine adopt branded devices, with a low failure rate and simple maintenance.

4. Easy to clean, easy to disassemble all parts, which is good for cleaning.

5. Support customization can provide output and specific needs, we can customize according to output, and can customize clean vegetable processing line equipment solutions.

The Function And Working Principle Of  Carrot Washer

The carrot  washing machine is also called the hairbrush cleaning machine. According to the characteristics of root vegetables, the material is added into the stainless steel tank, and then the motor drives the chain transmission, and the chain is transmitted to the hair roller so that the hair roller rotates at a high speed, and at the same time the hair roller is on The brush scrapes the material. Under the influence of speed, the upper spray device sprays the material under the action of the high-pressure water pump, so that the material is cleaned at the same time as it is peeled. The waste collection area under the machine has enough space for workers to remove waste, and the new filter screen can separate the waste residue and wastewater. The waste residue is easily scraped away above the filter screen, and the wastewater is automatically discharged under the filter screen.

Carrot Washing Machine Parameters

Carrot Brush Washing Machine

model Net length of wool roller Length of hair roller Diameter of hair roller Motor Power Spiral power Dimensions(MM)
GG-SX800A 945 800 120 1.1 / 1500×850×900
GG-SX1000A 1145 1000 120 1.1 / 1700×850×900
GG-SX1200A 1345 1200 120 1.5 / 1900×850×900
GG-SX1500A 1645 1500 120 2.2 / 2200×850×900
GG-SX2000C 2145 2000 120 3 0.37 2700×850×1500
GG-SX2600C 2745 2600 120 4 0.37 3300×850×1500


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