Strawberry Washing Machine System Berry Processing Equipment Manufacture

Mechanical output can be customized freely; a variety of fruits and vegetables can be cleaned; operation guidance is provided.


Introduction Of Strawberry Washing Machine

The strawberry washing machine is a bubble cleaning equipment specially designed for the fragile appearance of strawberries. By cleverly utilizing the principle of bubble rolling, impurities on the surface of strawberries can be effectively removed without causing damage to the appearance of the strawberries. This not only improves production efficiency but also reduces labor costs. It is an indispensable pre-treatment equipment for processing fresh strawberries, frozen strawberries, freeze-dried strawberries, strawberry jam and other strawberry products.

Features Of Strawberry Washing Equipment


1. The chain plate at the bottom of the mechanical cleaning tank is made of high-density stainless steel to prevent strawberries from being jammed.
2. The bottom chain plate is a conveyor belt design, which can be automatically discharged.
3. Equipped with a filter pool, which can filter impurities and then carry out water recycling.
4. The bottom is designed with silent universal wheels, which is easy to move and avoid noise.

Advantages Of Strawberry Cleaning Machine

1. Adopt stainless steel strawberry washing equipment, bright appearance, not easy to rust.

2. The material meets national safety standards, lead-free and non-toxic, will not affect the color of strawberries, and will not pollute strawberries.

3. An ozone generator can be installed to enhance the cleaning power of strawberries.

4. The combined method of spraying, air bubble cleaning and surfing makes the cleaning effect better.

5. It can wash a variety of fruits, with large output and adjustable operating speed.

6. This strawberry cleaning system is a fully automatic multi-functional cleaning machine, which can automatically discharge materials and save labor time and cost.

Working Principle Of Strawberry Washing System

This strawberry washing machine uses high-pressure spraying and bubble cleaning to work together to fully clean the strawberries and can wash off the dust and dirt on them. In the treatment of precipitated impurities, this strawberry washing machine allows impurities to enter the water circulation tank through the water circulation of the circulating water pump. The filter device of the water tank can be disassembled freely. The filtered impurities are left in the water tank, and the floating matter is discharged through the upper overflow to ensure that the pool is clean. At the same time, impurities can be eliminated in time to ensure the cleaning effect of the product.

Strawberry Washing Machine Parameters

Strawberry Washing Machine
Model Mesh belt width Transmission power Pump power Air pump power Dimensions(MM)
GG-XQ2500A 800 0.75 0.75 2.2 2725×1504×1329
GG-XQ3000A 800 0.75 0.75 2.2 3225×1504×1329
GG-XQ3500A 800 0.75 0.75 2.2 3725×1504×1329
GG-XQ4000A 800 0.75 0.75 2.2 4225×1504×1329
GG-XQ5000A 800 1.5 1.5 4 5225×1504×1329
GG-XQ6000A 800 1.5 1.5 4 6225×1504×1329

Whether it is processing frozen strawberries, strawberry jam or other strawberry products, the strawberries need to be cleaned first, so the strawberry cleaning machine is an indispensable equipment. If you want to start a strawberry processing business, you can leave a message directly to get a free quotation and solution.


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