With the continuous understanding of the fruit and vegetable industry, many fruit and vegetable producers feel that the direct harvest and sale of fruits and vegetables is far less than the benefits of deep processing. But many customers are starting a new business of fruit and vegetable processing, and they don’t know much about fruit and vegetable processing. As a fruit and vegetable processing machinery manufacturers, we can provide customers with complete fruit and vegetable processing solutions. Help customers to succeed in fruit and vegetable processing business. This article explains from a case of our customer.

In September, we made a deal with a customer in Zambia. The customer customized fruit vegetable processing line such as fruit and vegetable cleaning, air drying, cutting, quick freezing, and packaging. Zambia has fertile land and abundant water resources, making it suitable for large-scale planting of various fruits. This Zambian customer owns a large farm and cold storage in the local area, and is mainly engaged in the planting and sales of fruits and vegetables. For a long time, customers have adopted an extensive business model.

However, deep processing can increase the added value of fruits and vegetables and increase more profits. The customer wanted to further process fruits and vegetables, but he had never been in contact with fruit and vegetable processing technology and equipment before. To be on the safe side, the customer visited a number of large-scale processing companies to learn about related processes, equipment uses, brands, etc. on the spot.

After being jointly recommended by many industry customers, this Zambian customer began to contact us. He was particularly concerned about the function, output, practicability and advantages of the fruit and vegetable processing solution equipment. For all kinds of questions raised by customers, our product engineers and solution engineers patiently gave answers that satisfy customers.

By carefully studying the actual situation of the customer and exploring the specific processing needs of the customer, our solution engineer tailored the overall processing solution for the customer, such as fruit and vegetable cleaning, air drying, cutting, quick freezing, packaging, etc., designed the fruit and vegetable processing flow chart, and Specific indicators such as energy consumption and output of all equipment are marked. The customer manager has walked into the company’s R&D factory many times, and video-connected customers to introduce the use of related equipment, so that customers have a deep understanding of the equipment and the overall solution.

In the end, the customer spoke highly of us and gave feedback that our service and technology made him feel more trustworthy, so he chose us. With years of production experience and professional service team, we have exported fruit and vegetable processing machinery to more than 190 countries around the world. If you are interested in the fruit and vegetable processing business, please contact us as soon as possible, we will help your fruit and vegetable processing business to succeed.

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