The surface of freshly harvested fruits will carry dust, pesticides, flying insects and other impurities, which look very bad and make people lose their appetite. However, the fruits in major supermarkets do not look so bad now, they are all bright and eye-catching. This is because fruit processors have cleaned the harvested fruit, so it seems that the value of the fruit has increased a lot. Therefore, it is very necessary to wash the fruit, if you also want to increase the added value of the fruit and obtain more profits. Then quickly place an order for a fruit washing machine.

Is the fruit washing machine price very expensive? What are his main types? How do I choose the right fruit washing machine? This article answers these questions of yours.

Types Of Fruit Washing Machines

  1. Standard air bubble fruit washing machine

The standard air bubble fruit washing machine can clean a variety of fruits. It uses the air bubbles generated by a high-power air pump to clean and rub the fruits. Will not cause damage to the surface of the fruit. If you want to add an ozone generating system, it can also sterilize the fruit. The fruits that can be cleaned are: apples, mangoes, dates, dragon fruit, durian, lychees, plums, pears, hawthorns, citrus, etc.

  1. Thumb wheel type bubble fruit washing machine

A certain number and shape of dials can be added above the tank of the bubble fruit washer, which can control the cleaning time and play the role of material pushing and material pressing and soaking. It is suitable for relatively light materials, such as strawberries, raspberries and other berries.

  1. Silo fruit washing machine

The silo fruit cleaning machine is designed to widen the cleaning tank of the fruit cleaning machine, which can increase the soaking time of the fruit and make the cleaning more effective. It can clean pineapple, cucumber and other materials, and is suitable for fruits with a long soaking time.

  1. Flat roller brush type fruit washing machine

The flat roller brush cleaning machine uses nylon silk rollers to scrub the surface of the material. The rollers can be customized as soft brushes, super soft brushes, and hard brushes. Different brush configurations can be suitable for different cleaning effects of different fruits, and can be cleaned. polishing. It can clean fruits that are easy to hide dirt and fruits with insect eggs, and can be used together with a bubble fruit cleaner. Suitable for dragon fruit, pineapple, peach and so on.

  1. Fruit leaf separation fruit washing machine

On the basis of the standard model, the fruit and leaf separation washing machine is equipped with a double-layer conveyor belt at the discharge end, which is used for the transportation of fruits and leaves respectively. The fruits and leaves are naturally layered in the water tank due to the specific gravity, which is suitable for cleaning blueberries and other fruits.

Fruit Washing Machine Price

Different styles of fruit washing machines have different prices, and each fruit cleaning machine has different specifications, different output, different accessories, and the price will also be affected. The general price is between 4000-9000 US dollars, depending on your needs, the price of the machinery you buy is also different.

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