Potatoes can be used as the main food crops for human beings, with high nutritional value and medicinal value. However, potatoes are often seen in our daily life, and they are processed in many ways. The most common ones are French fries, potato chips, mashed potatoes, potato flour, and fresh potatoes. No matter how deep processing potatoes are, they need to be cleaned. Because there will be a lot of soil attached to the newly unearthed potatoes, if manual cleaning is used, it will take a lot of labor and time, and there is a potato washing machine that can replace the manual cleaning of potatoes quickly and in large quantities. So how are potatoes washed commercially in factory?

What is a potato washer?

The potato washing machine price is composed of nine brush rollers. The potatoes are poured into the machine, and the potatoes are slowly pushed forward by the spiral brush. The machine is equipped with a special high-pressure fan-shaped spray head for washing, and the hair roller is rolled with imported high-quality nylon. The hardness of the brush bristles can be changed according to the different materials to be cleaned. The effect of peeling potatoes.

The characteristics of the washing machine of the potato washing machine

  1. The whole potato washer for sale is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which is rust-free and corrosion-resistant, and meets the safety and hygiene standards of the roller rack.
  2. The potato cleaning and peeling machine can fully adapt to the humid environment of the processing center, the body and the rack are not rusted, and it is suitable for peeling and peeling potatoes, sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, yam and similar vegetables and cleaning.
  3. Cleaning The equipment has a very high removal rate, low breakage rate, cleanliness, high efficiency, and saves a lot of manpower and time. It is a high-performance equipment for potato peeling.
  4. The overall appearance of the equipment is simple and beautiful, easy to use and operate, easy to disassemble and replace accessories, and beautiful in appearance.

How does a potato washing machine work?

Driven by the motor, through the relative reverse rolling, the direct contact with the potato produces friction to achieve the effect of peeling and cleaning. It is designed with automatic high-pressure spray nozzles for washing while peeling, which can achieve the effect of cleaning and peeling potatoes. The hardness of the bristles of the brush can be changed according to the product variety. The hard silk brush roller can achieve the peeling effect of rhizome fruits and vegetables, and the soft silk brush roller can be used to wax and polish fruits and vegetables. effect.

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