Green leafy vegetables are essential in our daily life and provide us with vitamins, but one disadvantage of green leafy vegetables is that they are difficult to store. This is a troubling problem for both demanders and suppliers of leafy greens. Especially for vegetable growers and suppliers, if the vegetables are not sold out, it is difficult to preserve them, or it may cause harm to the vegetables during transportation. So, how to protect the sale of green leafy vegetables?

In the daily life, the protection method of green leafy vegetables:

  1. Air dry the water on the surface of the green leafy vegetables naturally. Then put it in the bag, put a paper towel in it, and tie the bag. Then put it in the refrigerator to chill. The purpose of putting paper towels is to absorb the moisture that appeared in the bag during refrigeration, so that the leaves and stems will not rot quickly due to excessive moisture. However, it can only be stored for three or five days at most.
  2. Remove the rotten leaves and yellow leaves from the green leafy vegetables. Put it in the water and wash it, pay attention to the place where the roots have mud. Boil a pot of boiling water and add a spoonful of salt, so that the green leafy vegetables are clean and bright, with high appearance. Blanch the green leafy vegetables in boiling water for ten seconds, then soak them in water again to cool. Finally, after the green leafy vegetables are dried for two or three days, the green leafy vegetables will become dry and brittle, so they can be stored and eaten whenever you want.
  3. Dry the green leafy vegetables and put them in a fresh-keeping bag, pinch the mouth of the bag, put it in the water, use the pressure of the water to expel the air in the bag, dry the water outside the bag and put it in the refrigerator. The green leafy vegetables treated in this way are like being evacuated and can be stored for at least a week without being damaged. Remember to make sure that the mouth of the bag is facing upwards and water cannot get into the bag, otherwise the vegetables will still be spoiled.

However, for leafy vegetable sellers, the above method is not advisable, and leafy vegetables must be processed. Simple processing can be carried out, which can prolong a certain fresh-keeping period, and deep processing can also be carried out to process vegetables into dried vegetables, canned vegetables or frozen vegetables.

Whether it is the deep processing of leafy vegetables or simple fresh-keeping processing, a vegetable processing line is required. The vegetable processing line includes vegetable washing machines, vegetable cutting machines, vegetable drying machines, and vegetable packaging machines. Putting the unearthed vegetables in the washing machine can remove impurities such as impurities and small flying insects on the surface of the vegetables. An ozone generator can also be added to the vegetable washing machine to sterilize the vegetables. At the same time, it can also prolong the fresh-keeping period of vegetables and enhance the value of vegetables. Of course, if you want to process dried vegetables, canned vegetables or frozen vegetables, you need to match the vegetable dryer or freezing machinery in the pre-processing production line.

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