Leafy vegetables are generally processed by vegetable processing line, which are to wash, cut and air-dry the vegetables, and package them for sale. This is the easiest way to increase the value of vegetables. In addition, further processing can also be done to process the vegetables into frozen vegetables or dehydrated vegetables, and only need to be equipped with a dryer and a vegetable freezing machine in the follow-up. So, how exactly is it processed?

Preprocessing of leafy vegetables

The newly harvested vegetables generally have yellow leaves, and the roots and leaves will have a certain amount of soil. Vegetable pretreatment is to cut the spinach roots, remove the yellow leaves, then wash the vegetables, cut them, or not cut them, and then air-dry and pack the vegetables. Sliced vegetables can be processed as a salad. The equipment in the vegetable processing line required includes: vegetable washing machine, vegetable cutting machine, vegetable drying machine and vegetable packing machine.

The specific vegetable processing equipment required in the vegetable processing line

  1. Vegetable cleaning equipment
    Suitable cleaning equipment for vegetable cleaning includes bubble cleaning machine and eddy current cleaning machine. Bubble cleaning is suitable for cleaning whole vegetables, and eddy current cleaning is suitable for cleaning chopped vegetables, such as salad cleaning. Both of them use simulated artificial bubble rolling and flexible cleaning to ensure that the cleaning effect does not damage the leaves, and the vegetables are cleaned in large quantities, which improves the efficiency of vegetable processing. The cleaning water is recycled to save water.
  2. Air drying equipment
    The washed spinach is air-dried and dried to prolong the fresh-keeping period of the vegetables and prevent mildew. Air-drying can be done with an air-knife air-drying machine. The chopped vegetables can be dried by a centrifugal dryer, which is rotated at a high speed to dry the water on the leaves without damaging the leaves.
  3. Vegetable cutting equipment
    The vegetable cutting equipment includes leafy vegetables slicing and cutting into strips, which can be cut according to needs. Generally, cabbage is cut and made into salads.
  4. Packaging equipment
    Packaging by packaging machine improves the quality of clean vegetables, and facilitates transportation and sales. Generally, there are two ways of gas packaging and decompression packaging.

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