Leafy vegetables are an important source of vitamin supplements in our daily life. With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s demand for leafy vegetables is also increasing, but they are also paying more and more attention to health. The leafy vegetables sold are basically cleaned. Therefore, for vegetable processing manufacturers, washing leafy vegetable is a very important issue. So, how to wash leafy vegetables in washing machine?

What is a Leafy Vegetable Washer?

The leafy vegetable washing machine price is a machine made of stainless steel. It can be divided into many models. According to the needs of processing, a fork, a dial, etc. can be added, or the cleaning tank can be widened. The use of water circulation system and ozone generator can also play the role of sterilization and disinfection in the case of saving resources. The leafy vegetable washing machine can be applied in various vegetable processing production lines, and can also be applied in canteens, vegetable processing plants, hotels and other places.

Uses of Leafy Vegetable Washing Machine

The leafy vegetable washing machine can wash a variety of leafy vegetables and fruits, including: spinach, cabbage, kale, cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes, citrus, mango, dragon fruit, and more. It can be applied to farms, edible processing plants, seafood processing plants and major restaurants and canteens.

How does the leafy vegetable washing machine washing leafy greens?

The leafy vegetable washing machine is a bubble type washing machine, which uses the bubbles generated by the bubble generator to make the vegetables tumble in the water, so that the vegetables can be evenly washed in the water. According to the degree of contamination of the vegetables, the time of the conveyor belt can be adjusted so that the vegetables can be fully cleaned. The leaf vegetable washing machine price is equipped with a filter screen and a water circulation system, which can recycle the water after cleaning, which can save labor and water resources.

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