Potatoes are rich in starch and can be processed into various quick-frozen convenience foods and snack foods, such as dehydrated potatoes, fried potato chips, quick-frozen French fries, puffed food, etc. At the same time, they can also be further processed into glucose syrup, citric acid, biodegradable plastics, Adhesives, reinforcing agents and various additives in medicine, etc. No matter what kind of deep processing is carried out, potatoes need to go through the cleaning process. Potatoes that grow underground will have dirt and impurities on the surface, and deep cleaning can ensure the quality of deep-processed products. Today we will talk about the potato washing machine.

  1. Potato washing machine price – brush cleaning machine

Potato washing machine price, also called brush cleaning machine, the equipment is made of fine materials such as nylon brush wire, wear-resistant and non-shedding, and the hair roller is driven by the motor to roll in the opposite direction and directly contact with the potatoes to produce friction to achieve the peeling effect; and There is a special automatic high-pressure spray nozzle for washing while peeling, which can achieve the effect of washing and peeling potatoes; there is a high-pressure spray device on the top, the water inside the equipment is filtered into the water tank, and then pumped to the spray by the water pump. The zero device is used for spray cleaning, which makes the cleaning effect better and greatly saves the cleaning time. Easily wash away the soil and pesticides left on the potatoes, making the potatoes cleaner, which is more than three times cleaner than the conventional manual washing method.

2. the potato washing machine price

The potato washing machine price developed by our company is priced at tens of thousands of yuan according to different materials and output, and various types of products can be customized according to user product specifications.

The potato washing machine price developed and designed by our company is made of stainless steel thickened steel plate as a whole, which is not easy to be damaged; the double-row industrial chain drive is wear-resistant, has a greater bearing capacity, is safe and reliable; the belt pulley motor makes the equipment start more smoothly and the noise is lower. Low, longer life. The key point is that the equipment has a large processing capacity and a wide range of applications. It can also clean carrots, sweet potatoes, cassava, taro, yam and other root vegetables.

If you want to purchase and customize potato washing machines, welcome to contact us.

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