Most people like to eat seafood, but although seafood is delicious, it is not easy to clean. Not to mention the wide variety of seafood, the cleaning seafood methods are also different. Especially for the seafood processing industry, it is relatively more difficult to clean large quantities of seafood, so how to clean all kinds of seafood in the seafood processing industry? The following will introduce the cleaning seafood methods of several types of common seafood and the cleaning methods commonly used in the seafood processing industry.

In daily life, various clean seafood methods are as follows:

  • Fish: Everyone should be familiar with the clean of fish. In addition to scraping the scales and digging out the internal organs, it is also necessary to remove the gills, because some gills are bitter, if not removed, it will affect the taste .
  • Shellfish: Wash the shell with water first, and then make it spit out the mud and sand in the shell. Here are three methods: Method 1, soak in water for 7-8 hours. Method 2: Soak in water and put a kitchen knife or other iron tools at the same time, and the shellfish will spit out the sand, usually 2 to 3 hours. Method 3. Add some oil to the water while soaking them in the water, so that the shellfish will stretch out their bodies to breathe in the water due to the lack of oxygen in the water. At the same time, spit out the sand
  • Shrimp: In fact, shrimp also have internal organs. If they are not removed, it will affect the taste of the food. You can use a toothpick to break the tissue connecting the shrimp head and the body, insert the toothpick into the section next to the tail, prick the skin, and then use the toothpick to slowly pick out the shrimp line. This line is the rectum of the shrimp, which has a lot of digestive residue in it.

In the seafood processing industry, the seafood bubble cleaning machine used for cleaning seafood can effectively remove impurities and harmful substances on the surface of seafood, and ozone can be added to play a role in sterilization and disinfection. The bubbles roll, and the seafood is cleaned and rubbed by simulating human actions, so that the sediment is immersed in the bottom, and the clean seafood is conveyed through the conveyor belt. The cleaning efficiency is high, the cleaning effect is good, and labor and time costs can be saved.

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