The center of tomato origin is the Andes region of South America. In Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and other places, there are still large areas of wild species distribution. The common tomato group includes: common tomato, fine-leaf tomato, chismani, floret and Chimeriuscae, hairy tomatoes; the Peruvian tomato group includes Chile and Peruvian tomatoes.

Tomato fruit is rich in nutrients and has a special flavor. Can be eaten raw, cooked, processed into ketchup, juice, or canned whole. In daily life, the common tomato product we will see is tomato sauce. However, in the production process of tomato sauce, tomato cleaning is a very necessary step to prevent the taste of the processed tomato sauce from being affected. So what equipment do you use to clean tomatoes and vegetables?

  • What Equipment Is Used For Tomato Vegetable Cleaning?

The tomato washing machine is a necessary machine for vegetable processing facilities. It can effectively remove dust and impurities on the surface of tomatoes, and can also play a role in sterilization and disinfection to prevent microbial erosion. Whether it is to be sold directly after cleaning or for further processing, the tomato washing machine is the most practical equipment in the small tomato processing machinery. The vegetable processing facilities provided by Jerguer are all made with care, using high-quality materials, with long service life, stable mechanical operation, and no noise pollution.

  • How Tomato Sauce Is Made?

Are you wondering how tomato sauce is made? How to start a roma tomato sauce business? Roma tomato sauce processing requires clean vegetable processing equipment, including bubble cleaning machine, roller classifier, air dryer, multi-function vegetable cutting machine, pulping machine, filling machine, sterilizer, etc., to clean, cut, beat, heat and concentrate tomatoes. , filling, sterilization, packaging, and other operations to obtain tomato paste. Jergoug will provide you with customized solutions for tomato paste production, providing services from factory construction planning to the normal production process of tomato paste.

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