The leafy vegetable processing business is very popular at present, because most of the leafy vegetables bought in major supermarkets have been washed, cut roots and packaged. This can not only attract consumers’ desire to buy, but also increase the original selling price of vegetables. So how to start a leafy vegetable processing business?

To start a leafy vegetable processing business, you must first select a suitable venue, plan the production area according to the planned production output, and choose a suitable vegetable processing line after selecting the venue. The vegetable processing line can be customized according to the different needs of the processed output.

How to choose a vegetable processing site?

When choosing a leafy vegetables processing site, choose a location that is more convenient for the transportation of vegetables. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the available hydropower resources are sufficient, and then there is the problem of sewage discharge. Do a good job of sewage facilities to avoid environmental pollution. It is recommended to start a relatively small vegetable processing plant first. Small-scale leafy vegetables processing can avoid the backlog of raw materials in the vegetable harvesting link, improve the efficiency of the processing link of the production line, and realize the good operation of the supply chain.

vegetable processing machine

What are the vegetable processing line flow chart?

In the leafy vegetable washing line, the processing steps of vegetables mainly include sorting, cleaning, air-drying, packaging, etc.

1. Sort out and pick. On the belt conveyor, the yellow leaves and inedible parts are removed manually.

2. Leafy Vegetable washing. The use of the bubble leaf vegetable washing machine can remove the contamination of the vegetables, and at the same time, a sterilization device can be added to sterilize the vegetables, which further hinders the invasion of microorganisms and prolongs the fresh-keeping period of the vegetables.

3. Dry the vegetables. You can shake off most of the water on the surface of the lettuce by shaking the drainer; the air-knife air dryer can dry the water in the folds of the lettuce from multiple angles.

4. Vegetable packaging. The packaged lettuce can avoid secondary pollution and facilitate logistics transportation. It can be set according to the required weight, which is convenient for the later sales of vegetables.

How to start a leafy vegetable processing business is as described above. If you are also interested in starting a leafy vegetable processing business, just contact us, we will provide you with vegetable processing machine solutions from factory design to equipment. A series of services in the production process . what are you waiting for? Inquire now.

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