With the improvement of people’s living standards, people now pay more attention to physical health. However, in order to increase the yield of vegetables, vegetable growers apply pesticides to vegetables, which can also promote the growth of vegetables under the condition of preventing insect damage. However, vegetable eaters and vegetable processing factories will have concerns about the presence of pesticides on vegetables. Does veggie wash actually work with vegetable cleaning equipment? Can a vegetable washing machine be used to remove pesticides on the surface of vegetables?

veggie wash

In daily life, some people feel that veggie wash with clean water cannot remove pesticides on the surface of vegetables, so they use veggie wash agents to clean vegetables, but this method may be available, but veggie wash agents may affect vegetables. The original taste, and vegetable cleaning equipment also contains chemical substances, long-term use of vegetable cleaning agent will also cause harm to the body. When veggie wash, wash them several times to remove stains and harmful substances such as pesticides on the surface of vegetables.

Vegetable processing plants are more concerned about this issue, so how to remove impurities and harmful substances on the surface of vegetables in large quantities, a vegetable cleaning equipment is the best choice. The soaking time of vegetables in water is increased, and an ozone generating device can be added to this as required to more effectively remove pesticides on the surface of vegetables. And greatly shorten the processing time and improve the processing efficiency.

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