Potatoes, the versatile root vegetable, not only serve as a culinary delight but also boast medicinal properties. With a flat and sweet profile, they come to the rescue for ailments like stomachaches, rib pain, carbuncles, and more. As a culinary canvas, potatoes undergo various processing methods both in dedicated plants and our everyday kitchens.

In the realm of potato processing plant, several common techniques come into play. Let’s delve into the art of transforming this humble spud into culinary wonders.

  • What can potatoes be processed into?

Potatoes can be processed into primary products such as starch and whole powder. In fact, they can also be processed into modified starch, alcohol, glucose, etc., which are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical and papermaking industries. The French fries and potato chips that we often eat in our daily life are made directly from potatoes, while others are processed from potato starch. Therefore, the application of potato processing industry is very extensive.

  • How do factories process potatoes?

Taking factory-processed french fries as an example, french fries processing includes steps such as washing, peeling, dicing, blanching, frying, degreasing, cooling, and packaging. So what equipment are used in these processes?

  • Potato cleaning and peeling machine: The potato cleaning and peeling machine is a machine that cleans and peels at the same time. It can clean and peel at the same time, which can save time and effort.
  • Potato Slicer: Multifunctional vegetable slicer can be used, which can realize the effect of automatic shredding and slicing of potatoes.
  • Potato blanching machine: The purpose is to destroy the active enzymes contained in potatoes and prevent discoloration during frying.

Potato frying machine: The continuous frying machine is used, so that it can work continuously, with good effect and high efficiency.

  • Potato deoiler: Deoiling the fried fries will make them taste better.

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