It is unrealistic for us to only eat fresh fruits and vegetables in our daily life. Many fruit and vegetable processors will process fruits and vegetables in order to store fruits and vegetables, facilitate transportation and processing, and improve the utilization value of fruits and vegetables. Fruit and vegetable processing is generally divided into three different types of processing: physical processing, chemical processing and biological processing. After processing, it becomes the fruit juice jam, quick-frozen fruits and vegetables, dried fruit and vegetable products, fruit wine vinegar and so on that are commonly seen in our daily life. What are the three good methods of fruit and vegetable processing?The following article introduces.

Fruit processing has a wide range of products, and there are many kinds of products. According to its vegetable processing methods and product characteristics, it can be divided into the following categories:

  • (1) Dried fruit products: These products are dehydrated and dried fruit products to make dried products, such as raisins, dried apples, dried peaches, dried apricots, red dates, dried persimmons and persimmons.
  • (2) Confectionary fruit category: This kind of product is made by processing fruit with high concentrations of sugar. The product contains more sugar and is a high-sugar product. The products include preserved fruit, candied fruit, fruit puree, jelly, fruit, fruit tan peel, etc., as well as preserved fruit products processed with salt, sugar and other ingredients, such as plum, tangerine peel and plum.
  • (3) Juices: These products are squeezed or exchanged for fruit juice, sealed and sterilized or concentrated, and then sealed and preserved. Its flavor and nutrition are very close to fresh fruit, and it is the best product to preserve natural ingredients in fruit processing. According to different production processes, it is divided into clarified juice, mixed oil juice, concentrated juice, granular juice, fruit juice syrup, fruit juice powder and solid beverages.
  • (4) Canned fruit: After processing, the fruit is put into a certain container, degassed, sealed and sterilized by high temperature, which is the so-called canned fruit. Because of its good sealing performance, microorganisms cannot be immersed, and it can be preserved for a long time. Such as canned apples in sugar water, canned pears in sugar water, etc. In addition, juices, jams, jelly, fruit wine, dry products, and sugar products are often packaged in canned containers.
  • (5) Fresh-cut: After cleaning and cutting the picked fruits and vegetables, they can be packaged for direct sale or further processed, such as fruit and vegetable salads, pre-made vegetables, etc.
  • (6) Fruit vinegar: the fruit is fermented with acetic acid to make fruit vinegar. Fruit vinegar has a wide range of materials, and almost all fruits can be made into vinegar. In production, fruit vinegar is commonly brewed from secondary fruit, rotten fruit, peel, fruit core, wine foot and so on. Such as apple cider vinegar, persimmon vinegar and so on.
  • (7) Fried products. Process fruits and vegetables into fried snacks, such as chips, potato chips, banana chips, vacuum fried vegetables, tapioca chips, sweet potato chips, etc.

Generally, the simpler vegetable processing methods we commonly use are fresh-cut vegetables, fruit juices and frying, and these three vegetable processing methods only need fruit and vegetable processing lines and simple processes to complete. The following are three processing techniques.

  1. Processing technology of fresh-cut vegetables: picking, cleaning, peeling, dicing, air-drying, and packaging.
  2. Juice processing technology: raw material selection, cleaning and sorting, crushing, pressing, coarse filtration, degassing, sterilization, and packaging.
  3. Frying processing technology: raw materials, sorting, cleaning, adjustment, blanching, air drying, frying, degreasing, seasoning, packaging.

It can be seen from the above that there are many processing methods for fruits and vegetables. The better processing methods are fresh-cut fruit and vegetable processing, juice processing, and frying processing. Because the processing is simple, it has good development prospects and can also increase profits. If you want to start a fruit and vegetable processing business, you can take the above methods for processing. You can also contact us. We are the manufacturer of fruit vegetable processing lines. We will bring you solutions and prices for fruit and vegetable processing lines. If you want to start a fruit and vegetable processing business, you can leave a message and contact us.

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