• As a fully automatic bubble washer, the fruit and vegetable bubble washer machine generally only needs to operate the button because it is mechanized and fully automatic, but before operation, you should read the instruction manual, or ask the manufacturer for the use and operation methods of the machine.
  • The fruit and vegetable bubble washer machine needs to understand the accessories, so as to operate the machine more easily and accurately, and at the same time check the corresponding accessories and circuits according to the use requirements of the bubble washer machine. Clean the fruit and vegetable area inside the machine before use.
  • Because the fruit and vegetable bubble washer machine is immersed and sprayed at the top for multi-angle cleaning, the fruit and vegetable cleaning is cleaner. The immersion type is a bubble bubbling type cleaning, so that the material can be covered, and then conveyed upwards. There will be multiple spray nozzles above to achieve secondary cleaning. Fruit and vegetable bubble washer machine can be used for cleaning vegetables, fruits, aquatic products, Chinese herbal medicine, etc., such as pepper, carrot, tomato, potato, potato, etc. High temperature, can maintain the original color, so that the food is fresh as ever.
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  • The use method of the fruit and vegetable bubble washer machine using bubble cleaning has been introduced above, remember to clean it in time after use, the stainless steel material is easy to clean, just wipe or rinse easily, the service life is long, and the financial resources are saved. Gelgoog specializes in the manufacture of bubble cleaning machines, which can be customized according to the output, please contact if you need it.Email: skena@machinehall.com whatsApp: +8618595613260

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