In salad processing, washing vegetables is an important part of salad processing. When a large number of vegetables are cleaned, manual cleaning is a waste of time and the cleaning force may be too heavy, which will damage the surface of the vegetables. The use of vegetable washers avoids the above problems. The vegetable washing machine adopts bubble-type cleaning, which is gentle and non-irritating to vegetables, will not damage the surface of vegetables, and can remove impurities such as sediment, pesticides, and pests on the surface of vegetables. Therefore, the vegetable washers for salad processing is very suitable, and will make salad processing more healthy.

So are you curious how the vegetable washers works in salad processing? The following content is to explain how the vegetable washers works and what kind of function it has.

In order to maintain nutrition and calories, the vegetables in salads are usually raw, so it is especially important to wash and sanitize these vegetables. The vegetable washers has the above functions of cleaning, sterilization and disinfection. At present,vegetable washers are usually used on the market to clean and sterilize vegetables.

vegetable washing line

This vegetable washers consists of two parts: eddy current vegetable washers and vibration draining water. It is very suitable for cleaning and vibration draining of vegetables after cutting, using the natural mechanics principle of water tossing and scouring, so that salad vegetables are not damaged during the entire cleaning process, so as to achieve the purpose of industrialized standardized process for cleaning vegetables.

This vegetable washers is mainly used for cleaning with strong circulating water flow and air bubbles. Through the cooperation of air bubble vegetable washers , water tank, dirt discharge drum and slag discharge port, the residue is automatically discharged, and the cleaned material is drained and output through the vibrating screen.

This vegetable washers is designed according to the characteristics of chopped vegetables. The vegetable washers itself is made of stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance. It can be used in humid environment for a long time. And it can process a large amount of salad vegetables, which can reduce the waste of time and labor costs. The eddy current vegetable washers can be equipped with an ozone generator to efficiently degrade the toxic substances such as fertilizers and pesticides remaining in salad vegetables. Two cleaning processes, the vibration conveying part increases the spray to ensure the cleaning effect. The vibration draining part adopts imported vibrating arm, which has high vibration frequency, stable and quiet.

Therefore, vegetable cleaning is very useful for salad processing, not only improving the efficiency of salad processing, but also sterilizing and disinfecting salad. At the same time, it also saves time and labor processing costs, and reduces the waste of water resources. We are a vegetable washing machine manufacturer with a wide variety of vegetable washing line, including washing, cutting and drying lines. If you want to start a vegetable salad processing business, we have vegetable washing lines and solutions.

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