Fresh cut vegetables are single or mixed fresh cut vegetables and fruits that can be eaten directly after being picked, peeled (cored), cleaned and sterilized, and cut into pieces. Then, it is packaged into a new product that can be eaten after opening the bag, and has the advantages of convenience and hygiene, maintaining nutrition and freshness. Because of the simple cleaning and cutting process, these products were once called minimally processed agricultural products, or fresh cuts for short.So what is the fresh cut vegetables business plan?

Processing Technology Of Fresh Cut Vegetables

  • Suitable varieties of fresh cut vegetables: When fresh-cut vegetables are fresh cut, the size, maturity, color, shape, etc. of the vegetables should be considered for fresh-cut processing. The purpose is to save vegetable waste and improve the yield of finished products.
  • Cleaning and processing technology: Root vegetables and leafy vegetables use different cleaning processes, and root vegetables generally need to be peeled during the cleaning process.
  • Cutting process: According to customer requirements, vegetables are cut in different shapes and sizes. Generally, root vegetables are mostly diced or sliced, and leafy vegetables are shredded.
  • Sterilization treatment: A new type of sterilization and disinfectant can be added to the vegetable washing machine to prevent pathogenic microorganisms from growing on the cutting surface, resulting in product contamination.
  • Packaging process: Vegetable packaging is the packaging of processed vegetables. There are various packaging methods, such as weighing packaging or vacuum packaging. Provide product protection and extend product fresh-keeping period, fresh-cut products have a fresh-keeping period of 10-14 days;
  • Cold chain technology: preservation technology in product processing, circulation, storage, transportation and other links.
fresh vegetable processing line

What Equipment Is Needed For The Processing Of Fresh Cut Vegetables?

The processing of fresh-cut vegetables requires vegetable cutting machines, leafy vegetable washing machines, vegetable dehydrating machines, vegetable packaging machines, etc. The fresh vegetable processing line processing steps are vegetable cutting, vegetable washing, vegetable dehydration, and vegetable packaging.

  • Vegetable Cutter: This fresh-cut vegetable cutter can quickly cut vegetables, and can shred, slice, dice, dice, etc. according to processing needs. However, in the processing of fresh-cut vegetables, leafy vegetables are generally shredded. The vegetable cutter has the advantages of small size, multi-function, high efficiency, and good effect. The continuous production of the production line is realized, and the processing efficiency is improved.
  • Vegetable washing machine: This fresh-cut vegetable washing machine is an eddy current vegetable washing machine, which is suitable for washing chopped vegetables. It can remove stains, bacteria, pesticides, hair, and other impurities on the surface of vegetables, and the cleaned vegetables can be directly packaged and sold. It is a multi-functional machine integrating bubble and eddy current, and the processing output can be customized according to demand.
  • Vegetable dehydrator: A vegetable air dryer is a machine designed using the principle of natural air drying, which can quickly remove the water on the surface of vegetables. It will not affect the color and taste of the vegetable surface and is suitable for the processing of various vegetables.
  • Vegetable packaging machine: Weighing packaging machine can be used to facilitate the sales and classification of fresh-cut vegetables in the later stage, and adjust the vegetables as needed. It can realize automatic packaging production and is essential equipment for vegetable processing plants.

The cost of fresh cut vegetable processing includes the cost of the site, the cost of equipment, and the cost of daily water, electricity, and transportation. Using equipment to produce can reduce labor costs and time costs. Using manual processing may require a lot of labor, and the efficiency will be greatly reduced.

The Prospect of Fresh cut Vegetable Processing business

The fresh cut vegetable industry mainly includes fast-food chains, government canteens, catering companies, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and other consumer areas. With the improvement of the national income level and the continuous development of the catering industry, the demand for fresh-cut vegetable products has shown an increasing trend, bringing development space for the fresh-cut vegetable industry.

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