Fruit and vegetable washing processing device is an indispensable equipment in fruit and vegetable processing. Whether it is pre-processing or deep processing of fruits and vegetables, fruit and vegetable processing machine is required. Fruit and vegetable washing processing device can remove impurities such as dirt, pesticides and hair on the surface of fruits and vegetables, so as not to affect the color and taste of fruits and vegetables in the later processing. However, fruit and vegetable washing processing device has a very wide range of applications, not only in farms, fruit and vegetable food processing plants, but also in canteens, hotels and other occasions. So, what should you vegetable processing studies when using fruit and vegetable cleaning equipment? What are the fruit and vegetable washing processing device instructions?

Introduction of fruit and vegetable washing processing device

The fruit and vegetable washing processing device adopts the combination of bubbling and spray cleaning. The bottom of the box is inclined to facilitate the removal of sediment. There is a forced sewage tank on the right side of the feeding, and there are two filters in the sewage tank that can be extracted and replaced. The conveyor belt motor can realize the function of adjusting the speed change. The cleaned fruits and vegetables are conveyed through the net chain, and the material is automatically discharged. The fruit and vegetable washing processing device conveying degree of the conveyor belt can be adjusted according to the production needs, and the work efficiency is high. A gap is reserved between the sinks to facilitate the cleaning of the sink later. The operation of the fruit and vegetable processing line is very simple, the electric control cabinet is operated with one key, and the mesh has a variety of structures, which can be freely selected.

fruit and vegetable processing line

Fruit And Vegetable Washing Processing Device Instructions

1. Clean the water tank and fill it up with water; pour clean water into the main tank until water overflows from the overflow port.

2. Start the conveyor belt to make the moving parts run normally and in the correct direction.

3. Start the vortex pump and inject air into the water in the water tank to make the water in the tank churn. The equipment is equipped with multiple gas control valves. According to different products and different materials, adjust the valve of each pipeline to control the amount of air intake.

4. Open the valve of the spray pipe, so that the water is evenly sprayed on the mesh belt.

5. Check the operating parts and make sure that they can work after normal operation.

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