Fruit grading is a necessary link after fruit harvesting. With the development of economy, the fruits we see in major shopping malls and supermarkets are of different sizes and prices, and the graded fruits are also easier to pack and transport. So, how fruit processing plants fruit grading

Fruit grading is usually based on the size, weight, color, variety and other aspects of the fruit. However, it is a huge project to manually grade the fruit in the farm or fruit processing factory. It consumes a lot of manpower and material resources, and wastes time, which affects the processing efficiency. Therefore, there is now a fruit grading machine that solves the previous problem.

fruit grading

There are also many types of fruit graders, including quality, size, color, etc., which depends on which form the fruit producer wants to grade. The more common grading is to grade the fruit according to the size of the fruit. The fruit grading machine can customize the size of the machine according to the size of the fruit. Different fruits have different sizes and enter different grading boxes.

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