Mangoes have a strong aroma and are very popular whether they are fresh mangoes or mango products. In daily life, our common mango products include frozen mango diced, mango puree, dried mango, jam, canned and other mango products. They are all made by mango processing plants through special processing techniques, so the mango processing business also has good prospects. So how are mangoes processed in a mango processing plant?

The processing of mango products requires mango processing machine. If it is mango pre-processing, it includes: mango washing machine, mango drying machine, mango waxing machine, and mango grading machine. If you want to process it into mango juice, mango pulp, mango dried fruit, Products such as jams and cans also require mango peelers, mango pulpers, mango juicers, mango dryers, and more. The following focuses on analyzing how mango pretreatment and dried mango are processed.

Mango pretreatment processing technology: raw material selection → cleaning → air drying → color protection treatment → waxing → grading → packaging.
Dried mango processing technology: raw material selection→cleaning→peeling and slicing→color protection treatment→drying→packaging.

For the above processing, the specific processing method of the machinery required:

  • Raw material selection: It is necessary to select fresh and plump fruits on the picking belt manually and without rot, pests and mechanical damage.
  • For cleaning, pour the mangoes into the mango washing machine, and the mango washing machine rolls the bubbles to clean the mangoes one by one, which can remove the pesticides and impurities on the surface of the mangoes.
  • Peeling and slicing: The mango peeling and slicing machine is used, and the mango can be diced or sliced ​​as required.
  • Mango color protection: The mango blanching machine is used for mango color protection, which can remove the active enzymes.
  • Mango waxing: Mango waxing is a mango waxing machine, which can coat the surface of the mango with a thin layer of fruit wax, which can prolong the fresh-keeping period of the mango.
  • Mango grading: Mango grading machinery is used for mango grading, and different grades can be customized according to needs. Includes size grading and weight grading.
  • Mango drying: The mango drying machine is used, which can set the temperature, humidity and time. Compared with manual drying, it is very accurate and fast to dry the mango.
  • Mango packaging machine: It adopts weighing packaging machinery, which is more intelligent and can accurately control the weight.

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