Green Mango Washing Machine Commercial Cost


Description Of Green Mango Washing Machine

The mango washing machine in green color has the ability to eliminate pesticides, dust, flying insects, and other contaminants from the surface of mangoes, including mildew. This machine can substitute manual cleaning of mangoes, while providing the same level of cleanliness as manual cleaning, thereby boosting the efficiency of mango processing. It is a crucial piece of equipment for pre-processing mangoes that will be diced or dried.


Features Of Green Mango Washing Machine

  1. The cost of the mango washing machine is made of food-grade stainless steel, which is safe for human consumption and will not cause harm to the body.
  2. The commercial mango washing machine has a bottom that is conveyed by high-temperature and wear-resistant chain plates, and the speed of conveyance can be adjusted using frequency conversion technology.
  3. The combination of bubble cleaning and spray cleaning techniques improves the cleaning effect of mangoes in the mango washing machine.
  4. The mango washing machine is equipped with an intelligent control switch, which only needs to be turned on to operate.
  5. Wear-resistant strips have been designed on both sides of the conveyor belt of the mango washing machine to prevent the mangoes from being rubbed.

Advantages Of Mango Washing Machine Cost

1. The mango cleaning machine is easy to operate and easy to maintain. Only one person can complete the mango cleaning.
2. The output of the mango washing machine capacity is 300-5000 kg per hour, which can be customized according to demand.
3. It can be used in vegetable food processing factories, vegetable distribution centers, large restaurants, dehydrated vegetable processing factories, quick-frozen vegetables and pickles factories.
4. The mango washing machine commercial is equipped with a water circulation system to save water resources.
5. It can be used with other mango processing machinery such as mango peeling machine, mango dicing machine, etc. for continuous production.

The Working Principle Of  Mango Cleaning Machine

The mango enters the sink, and under the joint action of high-pressure water flow and strong air bubbles, the mango is rubbed by the rolling air bubbles, which can remove harmful substances on the surface. Small flying insects and impurities float on the water and overflow through the overflow. The heavier waste sinks to the bottom and the waste chute separates this. Make sure the mangoes are cleaned.

Mango Washing Machine Commercial Working Parameters

Model Mesh belt width Transmission power Pump power Air pump power Dimensions(MM)
GG-XQ2500A 800 0.75 0.75 2.2 2650*1550*1350
GG-XQ3000A 800 0.75 0.75 2.2 3150*1550*1350
GG-XQ3500A 800 0.75 0.75 2.2 3550*1550*1350
GG-XQ4000A 800 0.75 0.75 2.2 4150*1550*1350
GG-XQ5000A 800 1.5 1.5 4 5150*1550*1350
GG-XQ6000A 800 1.5 1.5 4 6150*1550*1350

Whether it is processing dried mangoes or mango paste, or selling fresh mangoes directly, the mangoes need to be cleaned. But manual cleaning will take time and effort, choosing a mango cleaning machine is the best way. Can reduce labor and time waste. Feel free to message us for a quote.

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