Pre cut vegetables, also known as lightly processed vegetables, refer to products that arrange, wash, cut, keep fresh, and package fresh vegetables to keep them fresh. And pre cut vegetables are very popular in today’s society, because demanders only need to buy them back for cooking, and don’t need to do too much cleaning and processing. So pre cut vegetables business have great prospects. So how do i start a chopped pre cut vegetable business?

How to Start a Pre Cut Vegetable Business?

  1. To find a good source of supply, whether to choose to grow vegetables yourself or to buy vegetables for processing.
  2. Construction of fresh-cut vegetable processing plants
  3. Purchase fresh-cut vegetable processing equipment
  4. Assess labor needs
  5. Analyze the market demand and determine the daily processing volume
  6. Estimate the cost
  7. Guarantee the transportation problem
  8. Calculate profit

The Process Of Pre Cut Vegetables Business

① Raw material selection. Choose vegetables that are fresh, plump, moderately ripe, have no peculiar smell, and are free from diseases and insect pests.
②Sorting and grading. There are two methods of manual grading and mechanical grading. The purpose of selection is to select suitable varieties and eliminate raw materials that are not suitable for processing.
③ Peeling, cutting and trimming. Choose the appropriate peeling method according to the characteristics of the raw materials, you can choose a vegetable cutting machine, and cut and trim the vegetables. The peeled and cut raw materials should be treated immediately for color protection or other fresh-keeping treatments.
④ Cleaning and disinfection. You can choose a salad washing machine. The purpose of cleaning is to remove dust, mud and impurities, remove some microorganisms, and remove pesticide residues.
⑤ Drain and pack. Drain the washed vegetables and remove the clear water, sort and weigh them, and pack them in sterile food preservation bags or trays. The packaging method can be vacuum or air-filled packaging, and then pre-cooled to 1-5°C

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