Customized Salad Vegetable Washing Machine For Vegetable Factory

Material: stainless steel
Whether it can be customized: can be customized
Output: 1000-1500kg/h
Power: 1.5kw
Voltage: 380v


Salad Washing Machine Description

The salad washing machine is a flexible cleaning machine designed for vegetables that are easily damaged. It does not harm vegetables. It has high cleanliness and is suitable for all kinds of chopped salad vegetables. The salad vegetable washing machinecan remove impurities such as flying insects, pesticides, and sediment in hidden vegetables. It is an ideal equipment for salad processing plants, central kitchens and other occasions.


Features Of Salad Vegetable Washing Machine

1. The cleaning method of salad washing machine for sale is a combination of bubble cleaning and eddy current cleaning. Bring the salad vegetables to the sink with a gentle water flow, and at the same time bubbling air into the sink to disperse the water flow to form a vortex, knead the vegetables, and remove the flying insects and sediment on the surface of the vegetables.
2. The discharge of salad vegetables is accelerated by the water flow at the discharge port of the cleaning tank to push the vegetables out of the cleaning tank. Secondary cleaning with tap water, so as to better achieve the cleaning effect
3. Drain the vegetables in the draining area of the device. The drained water is returned to the filter tank for recycling.
4. The salad washing machine for sale is used for a long time, and some impurities will adhere to the inside of the tank body, and the mesh screen is designed under the tank body. The sieve plate can be taken out for easy cleaning.
5. The salad vegetable washing machine has a universal steering wheel, which is convenient to use and move.

Advantages Of Salad Washing Machine For Sale

1. The mechanical disassembly is convenient, and the valve diameter is large enough to quickly discharge the stolen goods and leftover products with the water.
2. Hygienic and safe, using an open junction, which can fully access the interior of the cleaning tank.
3. Water flow conveying, the spiral mixed water flow washes the vegetable material, prolongs the cleaning path, saves the water source, and the salad vegetables flow out with the water to reduce the mechanical damage.
4. The salad washing machine for sale can be used with the salad production line to realize the mass production of salad vegetables.
5. Adopt advanced welding technology, parts with high machining precision, fine workmanship, safe and reliable.

Salad Washing Machine Parameters

Voltage Air pump power Drum power Pump power Vibration power Dimensions
380V 1.5kw 0.37kw 2.2*2kw 0.16*6kw 5400*1410*1950MM

Scope of application: all kinds of cut root fruits and vegetables such as: cucumber slices, lettuce sticks, carrots, etc. Cut leafy vegetables such as cabbage chunks, spinach segments, etc. Cut fruits and vegetables such as green and red pepper strips, etc.

We are a salad washing machine manufacturer. If you want to know the price of vegetable salad, you can leave a message to get a free quotation. We also have a salad production line. If you are interested, please contact us.

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