Frozen diced mangoes are the processing we often see, that is, frozen diced mangoes. Before freezing diced mangoes, the mangoes must be cleaned and peeled, so as not to affect the taste and taste of later processing. Therefore, cleaning mangoes has become a key step in the processing of frozen diced mangoes. So how do you clean and prepare a mango for frozen mango??

The purpose of cleaning mangoes is to remove harmful substances such as sand, hair, and pesticides on the surface of mangoes, and choosing a mango washing machine is the most suitable. The mango washing machine is a bubble-type washing machine. The mangoes are rubbed by tumbling the bubbles, and the impurities of the mango will be deposited at the bottom of the mango washing machine. The cleaned mangoes are sent out by the conveyor chain. This machine can be directly matched with mango peeling machine and dicing machine to form a complete frozen mango diced production line.

If you want to start a frozen diced mango business, please pay attention to the following processing steps:

  1. Fruit selection. Choose ripe, juicy, shiny fresh mangoes, and remove rotten fruit, bug eyes and other residual fruit.
  2. Cleaning. Use a mango washing machine to wash away impurities such as dust, sediment and microorganisms adhering to the surface of the peel.
  3. Peel, core and cut into pieces. The cleaned mangoes are immediately peeled, pitted and cut into pieces. It can be peeled, cored and cut by hand, and then the cut mango pieces are sent to the pre-cooking machine by the conveyor belt for pre-cooking.
    4, blanching, cooling. The fruit pieces are directly and continuously blanched with steam, and the blanching temperature is controlled above 100°C for 1 to 2 minutes. By blanching to protect the color of the fruit pieces to reduce the loss of pulp juice. The blanched fruit pieces should be cooled immediately in the cooling tank to prevent the fruit pieces from becoming soft.
  4. Frozen. Immediately freeze the bagged and sealed mango pieces at a freezing temperature of -35°C to 40°C, and strive to complete it in a short time to ensure that the water in the pulp is frozen into small ice crystals in place without causing tissue damage. Destruction, allowing the product to reduce the loss of nutrients after thawing.

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