How do you clean vegetables from pesticides and bacterial residue in fresh vegetable processing plants? Generally choose the ozone bubble type washing machine, which can play a role of sterilization and disinfection, and decompose pesticides and bacteria on the surface of vegetables.

Vegetables are essential for every family’s three meals a day. Vitamins in vegetables and fruits are very important to ensure our health. However, in order to prevent pests during the growth of vegetables and fruits, pesticides are usually applied. When we eat vegetables and fruits, if the pesticide residues on the vegetables and fruits are not removed, after these pesticides enter our body, they will seriously affect our health when they accumulate to a certain amount. How do you clean vegetables from pesticides and bacterial residue? The following methods can be referred to.

How Do You Clean Vegetables

  • Soaking and washing method. Only part of the polluted pesticides can be removed, but water washing is the basic method to remove other dirt on vegetables and fruits and to remove pesticides. Generally, first rinse off the surface dirt with clean water, and then soak in clean water for 20-30 minutes. The use of vegetable processing disinfectants can increase the dissolution of pesticides, so a small amount of fruit and vegetable cleaning agent can be added when soaking.
  • Alkaline water immersion cleaning method. Keep a bottle of baking soda in the home kitchen. Most pesticides will slowly decompose and become ineffective after encountering alkali. Pesticides will quickly decompose and become invalid in an alkaline environment. Soaking in alkaline water is an effective measure to remove pesticide pollution.
  • Salt water cleaning method.Washing vegetables with 1%-3% light salt water is equivalent to vegetable processing disinfectant which can not only remove part of the pesticides, but also remove all kinds of insects hiding in the roots or the lines on the back of the leaves. Such as Chinese cabbage, cabbage, cabbage and other vegetables.

The above method of washing vegetables is only suitable at home, but for fresh vegetable processing plants, vegetable bubble washing machine are generally used. The vegetable bubble type cleaning machine uses the bubbles generated by the bubble generator to make the vegetables roll in the water, and simulates the rubbing action of people, so that the surface of many vegetables is cleaned. In addition, an ozone generator can be added to produce ozone, which is equivalent to a vegetable processing disinfectants, which can sterilize vegetables. Its advantage is that it can be customized freely, and the stainless steel device has a long service life. We are a manufacturer and supplier of vegetable washing machines, please contact us if you are interested.

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