For farms, most of the freshly picked vegetables are washed and then packaged for sale, or directly sold without packaging. So, cleaning vegetables in large quantities requires time and effort if manual cleaning is used. Many farms are now starting to mechanize production, and leafy vegetable washing machine are used to clean leafy vegetables on the farm. The leaf vegetable washing machine is a bubble-type washing machine. The vegetables are rolled under the action of the bubbles, which can remove the pesticides and stains on the surface of the vegetables. After washing, the vegetables will keep their original appearance, the color will not change, and the surface of the vegetables will not be damaged. Therefore, the use of a leafy vegetable washing machine has become the proper way of washing green leafy vegetables in farm.

leafy vegetable washing machine for sale

What is a Leafy Vegetable Washer?

The leafy vegetable washing machine is made of stainless steel and has a bubble generator to generate bubbles that act on vegetables.
First, all the vegetables to be cleaned are put into the sink. Under the action of high-pressure water flow and strong air bubbles, the vegetables are fully dispersed, rolled, cleaned and transported. The sediment on the surface of the vegetables will fall off, and the sundries and insects washed off from the vegetables will float on the water surface, and a special collection hopper is provided to facilitate the removal of waste materials.

Benefits of Leave Washing Machines

  1. It can save labor time cost, completely release labor force, and greatly improve work efficiency.
  2. The equipment is widely used, not only can clean cabbage, leeks and other stem and leaf vegetables, but also can be used for apples, potatoes, peppers and other root fruits and vegetables.
  3. It will not damage the surface structure of fruits and vegetables, wash more thoroughly, and protect the surface of vegetables from being damaged compared to manual work.
  4. The circulating water structure can also be used, and the cleaning water can be reused, which can save 80% of the cleaning water.
  5. Small footprint, suitable for direct application in farm fields.

How to use the leafy vegetable washing machine?

  1. First clean the water tank, connect the power supply and water source, fill up with water, and pour clean water into the main tank until the water overflows from the overflow port; 2. Start the conveyor mesh belt motor to make the mesh belt run normally and ensure the correct direction;
  2. Start the bubble generating device and inject air into the water tank to make the bubbles roll in the water tank;
  3. Open the valve of the spray pipe, so that the water is evenly sprayed on the stainless steel mesh belt;
  4. Start cleaning or soaking of vegetables and fruits;
  5. Turn off the power and water after the work is completed.

The best way to clean vegetables on the farm is to use a vegetable vegetable washing machine. If you want to know the specific information and quotation about the machinery, you can contact us and we will provide you with a quotation.

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