Do you know what fruit wax is? Now the fruits sold in large supermarkets have a bright color, which can arouse consumers’ desire to purchase. Nowadays, people attach great importance to the appearance of fruits and vegetables, so fruit wax processing is a good business opportunity. So, are you wondering what is fruit wax? What are the benefits of fruit waxing? How to make fruit wax? Now we are going to spread it to all of you.

What is fruit waxing?

Fruit waxing is a technique of coating fruit with natural edible wax or artificial wax. Fruit wax leaves a thin layer of waxy oil on the surface of the fruit to supplement or replace the natural wax produced by the fruit itself.

What are the benefits of fruit wax?

  • Helps prevent water loss from the fruit surface
  • Prevent the invasion of microorganisms to the fruit and prolong the shelf life.
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Can increase the selling price of fruit

How to make fruit wax?

There are manual and automatic waxing methods, but for fruit processing plants in general, fruit waxing equipment is selected for waxing. Waxing equipment can replace manual labor and apply a thin layer of wax oil to the surface of the fruit. The paraffin solidifies on the surface. of the fruit immediately after passing through the wax bath. It can reduce the company’s labor cost and improve processing efficiency.

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