Potatoes are a root vegetable that are often processed into products such as chips and chips as well as mashed potatoes. In daily life, potatoes are shredded for cooking. However, the potato slices need to be removed before the potatoes are eaten. Because potato skins are dirty. Therefore, the potato peeling machine will usher in a great use, especially in the potato processing plant, the potato peeling machine is an indispensable equipment. This article is about the potato peeling machine.

What is an automatic potato peeling machine?

The automatic potato peeling machine is a brush-type cleaning machine. The potatoes are placed in a U-shaped hopper composed of rolling wool rollers, so that the potatoes are in contact with the rotating wool rollers to generate surface friction, so that the potatoes are cleaned and peeled. Clean water is sprayed from the spray pipe to rinse the material, so as to achieve the purpose of washing.

Features of automatic potato peeling machine

●The product design is reasonable and can be peeled off easily
●Clean peeling, time-saving and water-saving
●Energy-saving, safe and cost-saving
●The peeled product is clean and hygienic
●Pure copper wire national standard motor, can work continuously for a long time
●Built-in waterproof switch, no hand injury, no water splashed on the protective cover
●Thick stainless steel handle, more convenient and safer to move the machine
●Bold drainage and sewage outlet, which is conducive to the rapid discharge of the peel

The purpose of potato peeling machine

Materials that can be processed: ginger, sweet potato, cassava, twig mushroom, carrot, seafood shellfish, taro, beet, carrot.
Applicable occasions: potato processing plants, central kitchens, large restaurants, hotels, schools, etc.

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