On April 18, 2024, the company successfully completed the Ecuador palm core broccoli frozen processing project, delivering it 3 days ahead of schedule. The project was successfully completed in only 27 days, once again demonstrating the company’s professional strength and commitment in the field of global food processing solutions.

During the project implementation, the company’s delivery team overcame geographical and cultural differences and complex working environments to accurately grasp project progress and quality. In just 27 working days, the installation and commissioning of the quick-frozen vegetable production line was completed, demonstrating professional project management and execution capabilities. The equipment operates stably, the process flow is smooth, and all performance indicators meet or exceed customer expectations.

Before the project was delivered, the customer organized the actual trial production of multiple batches of different types of materials, covering the cleaning, cutting, grinding and quick-freezing of palm cores, broccoli and other vegetables, as well as a variety of fruits. Whether it is the fine handling of materials or the quick-freezing and fresh-keeping effects, they have been highly praised by customers.

At the delivery ceremony, the client expressed his sincere gratitude to the project team for their professionalism, dedication and efficient cooperation. They specially presented a beautiful photo frame and a commemorative photo. These precious gifts not only recognized the company’s work, but also symbolized the deepening of the cooperative relationship and the sublimation of friendship between the two parties.

After successfully completing the delivery of the Ecuador palm core broccoli frozen processing project, the company’s delivery team is about to head to Mexico to meet the challenge of the next project. With the joy and valuable experience of this success, we will continue to uphold the spirit of craftsmanship, provide more high-quality, customized food processing solutions to global customers, and help partners achieve business growth and value creation.

We are a manufacturer and supplier of vegetable processing line solutions, and can provide services such as solution design and door-to-door installation and delivery. If you want to start related business, you can contact us at any time.

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