When it comes to clean and fresh cut vegetable processing business, it refers to the clean vegetables or freshly cut vegetables that have been processed by a series of processes such as cleaning. In fact, the processing of clean vegetables is not a simple cleaning and finishing. Vegetable impurities, so that vegetables retain their original nutrients and lock in moisture.

With the development of the global fast food industry, chain retail industry and tourism, fresh-cut vegetable products have become a new form of vegetable commercialization, and will become a new trend of vegetable consumption in the world. The market demand for fresh-cut vegetables will increase substantially. Fresh cut vegetables, also known as semi-processed vegetables or semi-finished clean vegetables, are products that maintain their fresh state by grading, sorting, cleaning, dicing, preserving, and packaging fresh vegetables.

The equipment commonly used in the production of fresh-cut vegetables is as follows

1.Cleaning equipment

The fresh cut vegetable cleaning equipment generally uses bubble leafy vegetable washing machine price or eddy current cleaning equipment (also called swirl cleaning equipment). , can be cleaned twice. Eddy current cleaning equipment is suitable for cleaning freshly cut vegetables, and the material is relatively small; if peeling is required, corresponding peeling equipment can also be used, such as brush roller cleaning and peeling machine, garlic peeling machine, onion peeling machine, etc.

2.Slicing equipment

The fresh cut vegetable cutting equipment is to cut the prepared vegetables, such as dicing, slicing, shredding, etc., and the blades can be changed according to the needs. Jergoug can customize the processing equipment solutions for clean vegetables and fresh vegetables according to customer needs.

3.Packaging equipment

After cutting, the follow-up process is carried out according to the actual finished product requirements. If no processing is required, the packaging can be carried out directly. According to the actual needs, such as the output per hour, the form of packaging, the weight of each bag, etc., the appropriate packaging equipment can be selected. Deep processing can customize complete solutions according to finished fresh cut vegetable requirements.

GELGOOG can customize a complete set of vegetable cleaning processing solutions according to the actual needs of cleaning and fresh cut vegetables. The commonly used equipment includes vegetable cleaning equipment, cutting equipment and packaging equipment. Customized processing is welcome.

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