Cucumber pickles is made of cucumber as the main raw material, supplemented with minced green onion, minced garlic, minced ginger and other seasonings. The production process is simple, the method is diverse, and the taste is refreshing. The unique taste also won the favor of everyone. Therefore, the business of processing cucumber pickles has a good prospect. However, when processing cucumber pickles, cucumber cleaning is the first and most important step in processing cucumber pickles. The purpose of cleaning cucumbers is to wash away the dust and bacteria on the surface of cucumbers, and to consider health problems. The second is that cucumbers are not cleaned, which will affect the taste and color of subsequent processing, and affect the sales of cucumbers. So how to clean cucumbers for processing cucumber pickles?

In daily life, if you want to process cucumber pickles, you may directly rinse the cucumber with tap water, then remove both ends of the cucumber, then peel it a little, and start adding seasonings for research. However, it is obviously not feasible to use this method of cleaning cucumbers in processing cucumber pickles processing plants, because the demand and output are large, and the manual cleaning method is not only time-consuming but also affects the subsequent processing of cucumbers, and many processing plants choose cucumber cleaning machines. , Let’s explain how the cucumber washing machine cleans cucumbers for processing cucumber pickles in the cucumber pickles processing factory.

The cucumber washing machine adopts the method of bubble cleaning, and is equipped with a relatively large water tank, which increases the soaking time of the cucumber and can fully remove the impurities and harmful substances on the surface of the cucumber. It is equipped with a bubble generating device and a high-pressure water circulating shower device, which uses the principle of mutual impact of water to make the cucumber roll up and down, left and right, and clean the sediment and hair in the material. It adopts an enhanced version of the water pump and an enlarged version of the water outlet to ensure the pre-washing effect and water discharge efficiency of the materials in the silo. The outlet is equipped with a spray device after secondary flushing to achieve the purpose of thorough cleaning. The method for cleaning cucumbers saves time and effort for processing cucumber pickles and is a good assistant for processing cucumber pickles.

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  • Jim Smith

    We are a small pickling co. planning to expand our brand due to customers loving the products of our Dill Pickles and Dilly Beans for starters.
    We have been hand cleaning brushing rinsing but to expand it is not economical. Please let us know.
    Thanks Jim Smith

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