Seaweed is an important part of marine biological resources. It not only provides human beings with polysaccharide products, but also is an important raw material for the development of functional foods and marine medicines. Before the deep seaweed processing products, the steps of cleaning seaweed are required. Whether the seaweed cleaning method is efficient has an important impact on the improvement of economic benefits of seaweed industry. So seaweed cleaning and processing equipment plays an important role in seaweed processing, so how does the seaweed processing plant clean the seaweed? Here’s the answer for you.

The seaweed products to be processed are usually mixed with a large amount of sediment, pollutants, etc., but the traditional process does not provide a solution with low energy consumption and good cleaning effect for the clean of seaweed, such as traditional cleaning, cutting, selecting and cleaning. The scheme has many seaweed cleaning times, labor-intensive, waste of water, and long seaweed cleaning cycle, which also affects the efficiency of seaweed processing. Many large seaweed processing plants use seaweed cleaning machines. The seaweed cleaning machine adopts a fork-type bubble cleaning machine. The bubbles roll to remove the sediment on the seaweed. Allow the seaweed to be thoroughly cleaned.

In seaweed processing plants, it is sometimes necessary to cut out the roots of the seaweed, and if necessary, cut the seaweed into segments and pick them. These seaweed processing processes require a cutting machine and a picking belt, which can quickly clean the seaweed. The seaweed cleaning machine becomes a seaweed processing production line, which can realize the automation of seaweed processing, save time and labor, and greatly improve the production efficiency.

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