With the improvement of people’s living standards, people pay more and more attention to the nutritional matching of diet, and fruits and vegetables are also daily necessities of people. However, because many people are now under a lot of work pressure and tired after a day of work, fresh-cut vegetables are becoming more and more popular. People only need to buy the vegetables home and make them directly. This has also brought business opportunities to the leafy vegetable processing industry, where vegetables are packaged and sold after being cleaned and cut. So, what is needed for the leafy vegetables processing equipment?

In the process of planting leafy vegetables, fertilizers and bacteria are easily attached to the surface of leafy vegetables. When handling prewashed vegetables, do not remove the stems of leafy vegetables. In addition, the traditional soaking and cleaning method can cause the accumulation of harmful substances. Through the leafy vegetable washing machine, the leafy vegetables can be washed by simulating human actions, ensuring the safety of vegetables, and improving the cleanliness of the lettuce without causing any damage to the leaves. damage.

leaf vegetable washing machine

Leafy vegetable processing steps

In the leafy vegetable processing production line, the processing of leafy vegetables processing equipment mainly includes sorting, cleaning, air-drying, packaging, etc.

  1. Sort out and pick. On the belt conveyor, the yellow leaves and the parts that will be damaged are removed manually.
  2. Leafy vegetable washing l. Using the bubble cleaning machine, under the double action of bubbles and spray, the cleaned vegetables are cleaner, and the water circulation system can achieve the advantages of energy-saving and emission reduction.
  3. Air-dried leafy vegetables. After washing vegetables, if the surface moisture is not removed in time, it will increase the growth of bacteria. You can shake off most of the water on the surface of the vegetables by shaking the drainer, and then use the air knife air dryer to dry the water in the folds of the lettuce from multiple angles.
  4. Vegetable packaging. Using the vegetable packaging machine, it can be packaged according to the number of grams of a single package that you want, and the packaged vegetables can be directly transported and sold.

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