There is a wide range of raw materials for salads, and various vegetables, fruits, seafood, poultry eggs, meat, etc. can be used to make salads. Our common one is vegetable salad, but the raw materials must be fresh and tender, and meet the hygienic requirements. Most of the salads have the characteristics of bright color, beautiful appearance, fresh and refreshing, greasy and appetizing. Well, most of them now buy salad vegetables directly, which are semi-finished products that have been processed by salad processing factories for sale. Through the salad processing equipment, the vegetables are processed through a complete process to complete the salad vegetables, which improves their own sales value. It can be said that clean vegetables are a win-win product of the catering industry. The following is an introduction to the use and characteristics of salad processing equipment.

One Salad processing equipment
According to the characteristics of salad processing, salad processing equipment mainly includes cleaning equipment, air-drying equipment, cutting equipment, blanching equipment, etc. In addition, in order to strengthen the connection between processes, elevators, conveying equipment, Multi-station workbench, etc.

Second, the use of salad equipment

  1. Cleaning equipment
    The common cleaning equipment in the vegetable cleaning production line mainly includes bubble cleaners and eddy current cleaners. Among them, the bubble cleaning machine is the most widely used, it can clean most fruits and vegetables, and can also complete secondary cleaning, multiple cleaning, cooling after blanching, etc.; the eddy current cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning cut vegetables and relatively broken vegetables, Different from other cleaning equipment, the eddy current washing machine has its own vibration draining system, which makes the clean vegetables complete the first draining process through vibration after cleaning.
  2. Drying equipment
    Since the final processed clean vegetables need to be packaged, centrifugal dehydrators and other equipment are essential. Centrifugal drying machine is a high-speed centrifugal rotation to dry the moisture on the surface of vegetables. It is a processing machine specially customized for salad processing. In contrast, the centrifugal drying rate has a wide range of applications.
  3. Slicing device
    The multifunctional vegetable cutting machine developed by our company can complete the shreds, strips, slices, and dices of clean vegetables by replacing the blades.
    The multi-functional vegetable cutter is multi-purpose and can be used in a wide range. The cut vegetables are uniform in size and neatly cut, which can effectively extend the shelf life of clean vegetables.
  4. Blanching equipment
    The blanching equipment is mainly to blanch some clean vegetables for a short time to achieve the purpose of color protection and maintain the good appearance of clean vegetables.

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