If you want to expand your vegetable business, you have to pay attention to vegetable processing methods. The most fundamental way is to start the pre-processing of vegetables, so what is the method of vegetable processing?

In today’s era, with the improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements for the appearance of vegetables are also getting higher and higher. For some freshly unearthed vegetables, especially those growing under the ground, they will bring a lot of soil and look dirty on the outside. Vegetables sold in various supermarkets are now processed. According to the needs of the people in the market, some vegetable processors should improve their vegetable processing methods in order to be more competitive. So, How can I promote my vegetable business vegetable processing methods?and what is the vegetable selling ideas?

What Is The Vegetable Selling Ideas?

  • First of all, we must first understand the consumer’s preference for buying vegetables. Most of them like to buy relatively clean vegetables. Due to the confined space of the supermarket, if a large number of vegetables with soil are sold, it is not easy to clean up later. If consumers buy vegetables with soil, it is not convenient to carry them. Especially in large urban supermarkets, what we see are generally fresh and clean vegetables. Such vegetables can also increase consumers’ desire for consumption.
  • Secondly, it must be implemented in the factory processing, and the vegetable processing methods must be emphasized. The vegetable washing line can remove the problem of stains, pesticides and bacteria. Vegetable processing steps generally require washing, air drying, and packaging. The vegetables are cleaned with bubbles first, which can quickly and easily remove the dust on the surface of the vegetables and decompose the pesticides and bacteria on the surface of the vegetables. Then, the water droplets adhering to the surface of the vegetables are removed by an air dryer, and finally the air-dried vegetables are packaged. The whole process saves time and effort, and can also improve production efficiency and promote vegetable business.

We are a vegetable processing equipment manufacturer and supplier. If the clean vegetable production line can be matched with several of these equipment, or be recommended by product engineers, we can customize a suitable clean vegetable processing equipment production line according to the hourly or daily output and budget of the clean vegetable. For different yields or different types of vegetables, clean vegetable processing equipment will also be configured differently. For more semi-vegetable clean vegetable processing equipment, please consult online customer service.

As a fruit and vegetable clean vegetable processing equipment provider, Jerguge can not only clean vegetables but also clean fruits, such as apples, pears, oranges, dates and other fruits, and provide customized solutions for production lines.

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