Fruit wax is a very common phenomenon now. After the fruit is harvested, due to changes in the external environment, the fruit will be eroded by microorganisms, or the fruit metabolism of the fruit will be disordered, which will cause the fruit to rot and the metabolic changes of aging will lead to rot. It is still an organism that maintains life activities. Many fruit growers choose to wax the fruit, which can prolong the fresh-keeping period of the fruit and facilitate the transportation and preservation of the fruit. why is there wax on apples citrus? 

  • Difference Between Waxed And Unwaxed Lemons

Unwaxed lemons are not smooth and are not easy to store and transport. Especially for some fruit growers and exporters, the quality of the fruits must meet the inspection standards before they can be exported. If fruit waxing is not carried out, there may be a risk of fruit rotting and deterioration when the fruit cloud network is relatively far away. After the fruit is waxed, the waxed apple fruit will be bright and beautiful, the appearance will be beautiful, and the storage time will be prolonged, it will prevent the water loss of the fruit, and hinder the respiration of the fruit, which will cause the fruit to become moldy.

  • Fruit Waxing Production Process Australia

When waxing fruit, it will go through several steps such as selection, cleaning, air drying, waxing, drying, and grading. Of course, it is time-consuming and laborious to perform these steps manually in the processing plant, so it is necessary to use fruit cleaning and air-drying. Wax production line. The fruit cleaning, air-drying and waxing production line manufactured by Jergoog is a fully automated production line. The output can be customized according to production needs. The solutions include factory construction, drawing planning and equipment delivery. It can be ordered as a single machine or as a complete production line.

  • Is Wax Coating On Fruits And Veggies Harmful?

Fruit wax is a mixture of up to fifty different compounds, most of which belong to a chemical class called esters. Fruit wax itself is not a health concern because it is not absorbed by the fruit. While eating the wax on the fruit shouldn’t be a concern, they should be washed well, mainly to remove bacteria that may be clinging to the surface.

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