Fruit and vegetable processing requires a fruit and vegetable pre-treatment and cleaning line, and the freshly unearthed fruits and vegetables need to be cleaned and sold to the market after simple processing. This processing method caters to the needs of consumers, improves people’s quality of life and pays attention to safety issues. And the fresh-keeping period of the fruit after initial processing will be longer, and it is easier to store and transport. It can also increase the value of the sale. Of course, fruit and vegetable processing is inseparable from fruit and vegetable processing equipment, so what are the equipment that are used for fruits and vegetables in the preprocessing?

In the pre-processing of fruits and vegetables, there are four kinds of fruit vegetable processing lines, namely, fruit cleaning, air-drying, grading and packaging line, fruit cleaning, waxing and grading line, leafy vegetable cleaning line and root vegetable cleaning line.

fruit vegetable washing line

Leafy vegetables processing

The premise of using the washing machine for leafy vegetable processing is to ensure that it is cleaned (a pesticide residue removal device can be configured to remove pesticide residues) without damaging the vegetables. The vegetable bubble cleaning machine is used for cleaning, and the cleaning is flexible. An impurity interception device can be added to the upper end of the cleaning tank to effectively intercept and collect the floating impurities after cleaning, which is convenient for cleaning the environment. The chain plate is driven by a belt drive, which drives the vegetables to be conveyed and discharged after cleaning.

The processing of leafy vegetables also needs to be equipped with the use of water removers, air drying lines, packaging machines, etc. After cleaning, it is directly transported by the chain plate belt to the vibrating screen for regular water removal, and then transported to the air drying line for multiple overturns to air-dry the vegetables, which is convenient for packaging, sub-packaging and fresh-keeping.

Root vegetable processing

The cleaning of root vegetables is also divided into two categories, cleaning and peeling and cleaning without peeling. The equipment should be adjusted according to the needs of different vegetables. Peeled taro, potato, sweet potato, yam, lettuce, etc. Taro and potatoes can be peeled by friction. Yams and lettuce need to be specially peeled for use. The hardness of the brush of the brush cleaning machine can be changed to realize whether peeling is required.

fruit processing

The processing of fruits generally includes fruit cleaning and grading packaging, or cleaning and waxing grading packaging. The machines selected according to different processing methods include fruit washing machines, fruit drying machines, fruit waxing machines and fruit grading machines. The processed fruit is brighter and brighter, which can increase the sales value.

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