In our daily life, we not only eat fresh fruits and vegetables, but also often eat additional products of fruits and vegetables. These include fruit and vegetable salads, fruit jams, and some fried, frozen, and other products. Especially in the face of the improvement of living standards, most people prefer to buy processed fruit and vegetable products rather than fresh products. Therefore, the fruit and vegetable business has a good development prospect, so what is the objectives of the fruit and vegetable processing business in the vegetable business?

The objectives of fruit and vegetable processing in vegetable business is to make the fruit and vegetable reach a state that is easy to store for a long time, will not deteriorate for a long time, and can be used at any time, and in the processing of fruit and vegetable, the original nutrients of the fruit and vegetable should not be lost, and the original fruit and vegetable should be kept to the maximum extent. Odor and color. So how to start a fruit and vegetable processing business? What are the fruit and vegetable processing products? What is the specific processing technology? It will be introduced below.

Classification of processed fruit and vegetable products

1. Collection of fruit and vegetable cans: After pretreatment, fresh fruit and vegetable raw materials are put into airtight and tightly sealed containers, an appropriate amount of salt water or clear water or sugar water is added, and the products are made through exhaust, sealing, sterilization and other processes. This method of food preservation is called canning.

2. Fruit and vegetable candy products: Fresh fruits and vegetables are pretreated and cooked with sugar to make their sugar content reach 65-75%. Such processed products are called fruit and vegetable candy products. In terms of product form, it is divided into two categories: preserved fruit and jam.

3. Dried fruits and vegetables: Fresh fruits and vegetables are dried naturally or artificially to reduce their water content to a certain extent (15-25% for fruits and 3-6% for vegetables.

4. Fruit and vegetable quick-frozen products: After the fresh fruits and vegetables are pretreated, they are quickly frozen within 30 minutes at a low temperature of -25 to 30 °C, and the products are called fruit and vegetable quick-frozen products.

5. Fruit and vegetable juice: The processed product obtained by extracting the juice from the raw materials of fruits and vegetables, after clarification, filtration or homogenization, is called fruit and vegetable juice.

6. Fruit wine: After the fruit raw materials are juiced, the sugar is converted into alcohol by the action of yeast, and the product is obtained.

7. Vegetable pickled products: processed products obtained by pickling fresh vegetables with salt after partial dehydration or non-dehydration.

Among all vegetable processing, fresh vegetable processing is the simplest and relatively easy vegetable processing business. Refers to the cleaning, trimming and fresh cutting of fresh vegetables and fruits. Finally, a new type of processed fruit and vegetable products are packaged in plastic film bags or in plastic trays covered with plastic film for immediate consumption by consumers. It is deeply loved by consumers at home and abroad, and has been widely used in potatoes, apples, pears, peaches, strawberries, spinach, carrots, lettuce, cabbage, leeks, celery, and other fruits and vegetables. Compared with quick-frozen fruit and vegetable products and dehydrated fruit and vegetable products, it can more effectively maintain the fresh texture and nutritional value of fruit and vegetable products, is more convenient to eat, and has lower production costs.

Therefore, the objective of developing fruit and vegetable processing vegetables is to maximize the benefits of fruit and vegetable business while maintaining the same taste and color of fruits and vegetables. Starting a vegetable processing business requires a complete fruit vegetable processing line. We are a manufacturer of fruit and vegetable processing lines. If you want to start a fruit and vegetable processing business, you can contact us and we will provide you with a solution.

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