Cleaning fruits and vegetables is crucial before consumption or processing, as they can be contaminated with pesticides, dust, and other impurities that can be harmful to the human body. For processing, cleaning helps maintain the color and taste of the final product. Therefore, using fruit and vegetable cleaning equipment is essential.

Types of fruit and vegetable cleaning equipment

There are three types of fruit and vegetable washing equipment: bubble type fruit and vegetable washing machine, brush type vegetable washing machine, and eddy current vegetable washing machine.

Specific use of fruit and vegetable cleaning equipment

  1. Bubble-type fruit and vegetable washing machine; the bubble-type cleaning method is to make the air enter the water, continuously stir the fruit and vegetable washing water and generate a large number of air bubbles, and friction and rubbing occurs on the surface of the washed fruits and vegetables, so that the washed fruits and vegetables are clean. Mainly applicable to leafy vegetables including: lettuce, cabbage, spinach, rapeseed, rape and so on. Also suitable for fruits: apples, bananas, dragon fruit, avocado, mango, durian, etc.
  2. Brush-type fruit and vegetable washing machine: The brush-type cleaning method is the brush-type cleaning method, which uses the direct contact between the bristles and the root vegetables in the water to remove and clean the dirt on the surface of the material. This type of cleaning method is suitable for Cleaning of root vegetables such as potatoes, radishes, ginger, taro, sweet potatoes, etc.
  3. The eddy current vegetable washing machine generates eddy currents and air bubbles to clean products flexibly without damaging them. The material is washed in the eddy water, making a spiral motion with the clean water in the cleaning tank. This machine is mainly suitable for the production of chopped vegetables and salads.

Do you know about the equipment? All three types of fruit and vegetable cleaning equipment can be used in fruit vegetable processing line. All kinds of vegetable cleaning equipment developed by our company have high cleaning rate, large processing capacity, no damage to materials, energy saving and consumption reduction, and the equipment is easy to clean, suitable for batch continuous production. Contact us if necessary.

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